"The sizzling feature Masque, written and directed by Jett Blakk, was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's classic short story "Masque of the Red Death."
In the near future, a repressed society is shocked by ever-increasing acts of spontaneous lust. Thought to be caused by a virus called the Red Sex, wealthy Mr. Prospero (Brett Matthews) invites eleven of his closest friends to stay in his isolated mansion, locked away from the world where the virus cannot reach them. To celebrate his triumph over "depravity," Prospero announces a masquerade party to be held that night. He makes only one demand of his guests - that in the spirit of the circumstances, no one is to wear the lustful color red.
The masquerade party is in full swing, and everyone looks hot in fantasy gear. But to Prospero's shock, he sees a thirteen guest dressed in the forbidden scarlet! The Red Man (Jacob Slader) cruises the party, freezing all the guests with a touch. The room is silent for several seconds before everyone begins to move again with only one thought on their minds - to get dirty in the biggest orgy in years!"