Logos Bible Software 3.0g & Libronix Digital System Library

Logos Bible Software 3.0g & Libronix Digital System Library | 861 MB

In 1992, three American believers programmers was established firm Logos Research Systems, whose objectives were not only a high-quality Christian software, but the development and improvement of e-publishing books.
In 1995 this firm was released the Christian Digital Library - Logos Library System. The program was a library in every sense of the word, and not just a collection of books on CD-ROM. A quick search on the words and themes directory handy, easy quotation, the ability to add new books and a lot more done Logos Library System as a convenient tool for theological studies and to prepare for the preaching and edifying reading.

Since the program became popular and was in demand by users, the company is constantly working on its improvement. Especially in the world of digital information, there were new more advanced technologies to create electronic books, and a growing trend in the development and implementation of digital libraries around the world. And since the establishment of the Christian Digital Library has been a promising and profitable business, then in 1999 the company decided to organize a separate subsidiary, which would deal with only the development of this program. The firm was named Libronix Corporation and in 2001 released a new program - Libronix Digital Library System (LDLS), which was intended to replace morally and physically outdated Logos Library System.

The release is mainly a basic kit for the installation, the license to open the 7867 material (the number that can be increased as necessary, using the supplied tools). The main part of the library will be available for download on the official FTP program resources ftp://ftp.logos.com/ - a $ 34 gigabytes (over 12 000 materials). Included a video installation, activation, licensing and protection of the righteous anger of the developer.

High Technology
Many years of experience in the virtual library has been implemented in the Libronix Digital Library System (LDLS). LDLS is a so-called "library server" that manages the information resources and demonstrates to the user. This program performs a number of key features of real libraries: cataloging, searching, citations, a bibliography, etc. In addition, the program is a convenient and flexible platform for building your own library by adding a certain e-books and tools acquired from different publishers and logo with Libronix. Should also be noted that the resources of legacy Logos Library System is quite efficient in the new LDLS.

Libronix Corporation is working closely with publishers and helps them to translate the book into electronic format library system. Ease of technology and procedures can provide virtually any publishing his book in digital format LDLS. The program presents the book more than a hundred publishers, such as Oxford University Press, Harper Collins Publishers, InterVarsity Press, Tyndale House Publishers, United Bible Societies, Baker Book House, Thomas Nelson, Fortress Press, Brill Academic Publishers, and others.

Libronix DLS is sold together with the Scholar's Library, which contains nearly 300 resources: The Bible in English and original languages ??(various editions of the Greek NT), different lexicons (Liddel & Scott, Louw-Nida), Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Kittel, books on the Old and New Testaments, comments, books on church history, ethics, Shepherd-ogy, dogmatic, spiritual growth, homiletics, creationism, and various encyclopedias and much more. Also can be purchased separately binder theological journals - Theological Journal Library, Church History Collection, Biblical Archaeology Review, and other books. Total at this point in the system of Libronix is ??about 2,000 items of information of digital resources. All materials are in English.

Electronic librarian
Work with this program can be in single user mode via LAN or via the Internet using eBooks for Palm or Pocket PC. A characteristic feature of the program is multi-language support. The program interface supports 32 languages, including Russian and Ukrainian. In addition, the program will operate under a localized version of Windows 98 and above with the interface and the content of books in any language.
Excellent search for a phrase, and the Biblical reference, morphological search, search by different categories. Automatic compilation of a bibliography of five different systems. Cataloging by author, title and subject. Features a parallel view books using hypertext tools for exegetical analysis and parsing of words, a convenient system of citation, the integration with the Internet and much more.

In step with the times
It is safe to say that today the Libronix Digital Library System is the best theological library on CD. And, of course, it must take its rightful place not only in the computers of our evangelical university, but also in educational and research process as a modern and effective tool.




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