GPS Guide Around the World v.

GPS Guide Around the World v. | 6.9 GB

The program determines the location of the user and tells itself about all the sights objects in the line of sight. At the same traveler, there is very free in choosing the route of walk: audio guide does not impose any order it a day of sightseeing, there are no fixed stopping points, but on the contrary, ready to adapt to the pace and direction of movement, the mood of the user. When approaching a worthwhile object of GPS-enabled travel guide gun.
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GPS-guide includes a complete reference to all significant objects chosen walks. Use reference during sightseeing comfortably - the program sorts the objects in the list in order of distance. In any other situation, without using a GPS, read the information contained will help integrated search directory. Simulating the movement of the city on an interactive map, you can have when preparing for a trip to think over your route, take a virtual walk.

Additional Information:

This excellent guide is truly unique - similar to it is extremely small (almost unity, for example, toozla). And the cost was always available - for Windows Mobile and Windows a ride worth 59 rubles., For the iPhone at the moment - and generally $ novost_poln $ 99. I bought a few pleasure trips for WM and used them more than once.
Unfortunately, since November 1, 2011 official distribution of Windows Mobile and Windows versions no longer (even before updates are frozen) and download them and walk them to virtually impossible. There are only version for iPhone / iPad and hope for Android-version output. (The foregoing toozla, by the way, too, there is no of WM).
To compensate for the injustice to those who still have a PDA under Windows Mobile, created by this distribution, which contains extreme versions available for Windows Mobile and Windows and all available at the end of 2011 walks (123 Russian and 18 British).
Thanks to the kindness of some firms (before all the around the world - perhaps as a parting gift WM-users, companies, VEDA, MTS, Radisson), as well as thrifty users a lot of walking for WM / Win versions were available in the free version, and do program survived. Able to walk free and paid, who work without pay as a trial - 3 minute.
For a list of available walking program accesses the Internet when launched. List for the distribution for us is not needed, and take it on the drive up to 30 MB can be that the PDA is usually a lot, and traff eats, if through GPRS/3G, it is recommended to close the program access to the Internet site of the manufacturer.
The names of walks in the hand a little different from the firm for clarity. And then, for example, "Prague. Old Town" and "Riga. Old Town" called idientichno - "Old Town" - go and the difference of their list.
A little bit changed and the organization of the list - Versailles and Peterhof attached to Paris, and Peter, respectively - in my opinion, so logical.

Installation Instructions:

Version for Windows Mobile installed already cured - paid trips operate fully, although they say that the time limit for their 3 minute ;-), Internet access on site manufacturer's program is closed (though GPRS/3G connection, if it is available, set that can lead to unexpected costs from other programs, especially when roaming, so I recommend before starting the program disable the mobile Internet, for example, programs NoData). Post does not have access to the Internet you just need to recapture click OK. The directory for auxiliary files created in the folder with the program for you so I recommend to put it on a memory card (although it will work anyway.)
The Windows version is set in the original, after installation you need to change to VokrugSveta.exe cured from your WinCrack. The Internet is still climbing, so you must either deny access to it with the aid of an existing firewall (firewall), or changes to the file hosts (if you know what it is and where) records:
Gaps in existing versions is enough. Alas, this is no fix. As is.
Maps are displayed in a list with walks - their description also can be seen, but no walk at the same time will not start.
Ability to sort the list does not - as the program points, and Scroll to find their own rides.
The program for WM occasionally freezes (up to have to restart the PDA), especially if the machine to give sleep. At the same time she herself does not block sleep PDA, so disable it before running the program will have to hand.
At some communicators program incorrectly identifies the speed and the receiver port GPS. In this case, set the port manually, and reduce your speed up to 4800 bit / s is required to earn.
After installation, you run the program once. It will create its own working collections, of which we are interested in one. It is located:
Windows Mobile: \ My Documents \ Vokrug Sveta \
Windows: if the program is installed for all users, then:
XP: C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Vokrug Sveta \
Win 7: C: \ ProgramData \ Vokrug Sveta \
In this directory you need to put the folder with the right card and a walk for her. In the simplest case, if all are needed for a walking town, open the folder with the name of the town in hand, to choose everything, copy and paste into a designated directory.
I do not recommend installing too many walks directly to the WM-version - than they are, the slower the program works and the more likely to hang.
Below is a description of the walks are folder names with a walk and needed the card.