Delphi XE2 and C Builder XE2 ISO with Updater 3

Delphi XE2 and C Builder XE2 ISO with Updater 3 | 2.51GB 412MB

Embarcadero has released Update 3 for Delphi XE2, continuing with an almost monthly update cycle. The new update is a whopping 412 MB and you can get it in the Registered Users page and with the Check for Updates featuer of the IDE. There is also a new ISO with the updated product installation image. As in the recent updates, the PAServer and FireMonkey portions of the installation that you need to install on a Mac must be set up manually.
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What's in this new update? A new standard iOS style more complaint with platform standards (a significant feature for iOS developers), a new VCL style, and a ton of bug fixes. There is also an extension for the dialog modal results enumeration (for both VCL and FireMonkey).

Among the fixes I noticed:

Fixes in Version Info in the Project Options
Fixes in VCL Styles
Fixes in 64- bit debugger and in the memory manager (for 64-bit apps using more than 4GB)
Compiler fixes for generics, 64-bit, and more

Of course there are also many expected FireMonkey fixes, including some that were really needed and some relevant ones for iOS. Some of those I was waiting for are:

TEdit: SelectAll should not be called when clicking on an edit
TCheckbox should check on Mouse Up
FMI: bad quality of loading image on iPad
Having a ShowMessage with short text containing spaces, the text is wrapped but height is not adjusted.