AutoMapa 6.9b Europe FULL Patch

AutoMapa 6.9b Europe FULL Patch | 2.62 GB

The most detailed maps - the greatest experience.
AutoMapa features the most accurate maps of Poland and Europe developed by the leading providers of digital maps: Geosystems Sp. z o.o. and NAVTEQ. AutoMapa is also the most often updated navigation system in Poland. AutoMapa has been guiding drivers since 2003, and it continues to be the most often purchased and the most frequently awarded GPS navigation program on the market. In Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia AutoMapa is able to navigate to precise point addresses, assigned to particular buildings.
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Wealth of data

AutoMapa surely reaches the destination with millions of addresses and Points of Interest (POI). They will help you to find a petrol station, a hotel, an ATM, a pharmacy, or even a fitness club without effort. You can find thousands of additional POIs in the service, constantly updated by AutoMapa users. If your device has Internet connection enabled, AutoMapa can be your culture and entertainment guide. Owing to the data contributed by the Police Headquarters and Krzysztof Ho GCUowczyc\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\"Safe Driver\\\\\\\" Foundation, as well as the Polish State Railways, you will be warned of the most dangerous road zones in Poland and of virtually all railroad crossings. Check it out:
Krzysztof Ho GCUowczyc navigates!

AutoMapa navigates as the best guide - with the voice of the rally champion, Krzysztof Ho GCUowczyc. He will tell you in advance where and how to drive. AutoMapa is highly intuitively operated. The revolutionary user interface, developed through consultation with thousands of users, makes access to all functions very simple and logical. With the help of AutoMapa, you will quickly find your destination and reach it seamlessly.
Need navigation in a different language? AutoMapa can guide you in Polish, English, German, as well as many other languages.
Avoid traffic jams

You will avoid traffic jams with AutoMapa. Thanks to the revolutionary AutoMapa Traffic system, routes in AutoMapa are calculated taking into account the current road situation. The data received by the AutoMapa Traffic server create a detailed account of the traffic situation at every time of day and night. With AutoMapa, you will save time, petrol, and get peace of mind.

Useful data for lorry drivers

AutoMapa is the only GPS navigation system in Poland to feature so precise data required to navigate lorries: cargo weight limits, overpass height signs, and even information on non-standard transport requirements. When calculating the route, AutoMapa takes into account the time limits as well!
Support for CB Radio

Use the CB radio when driving? With AutoMapa and chainage information, you will not have to look for mile markers along the road. Just a glance at the screen will be enough to see the distance from the place that other CB radio users warn you of.
Plan the route on the Internet

Each AutoMapa users can comfortably plan the journey in the service, on the PC large screen, and then load such a route to the GPS device with AutoMapa. In Targeo you can use many additional services, and even see how much the roads are jammed.
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Tailor AutoMapa to your needs

AutoMapa can be as you want it to be. You can change the menu layout and create own, exceptional customization skins.
With access to more than a thousand of configuration parameters, which control the method of presentation, navigation or picture display, the users can modify the program the way they want, customizing it for their needs.


Extract or burn AUTOMAPA_6.9B_FINAL_EU.iso

Instal without instruction

Use pather gpam_3.0.0.1.exe