Pinnacle Studio 15 HD Ultimate Collection Version

Pinnacle Studio 15 HD Ultimate Collection Version | 2.26 GB

Brought to you by Avid?, the world leader in professional audio and video creation technology, Pinnacle Studio? HD Ultimate Collection v.15 makes it easy to edit like a pro with intuitive new features, ultra-fast performance, and a massive content collection. Quickly import videos and photos?then edit scenes and make HD movies with over 2,200 effects and other content. Place people over virtual backgrounds using the built-in chroma-key effect and 5? x 6? green screen. Add interest with sophisticated animated titles, and produce your soundtrack with immersive Dolby Digital 5.1 surround. Then export your projects to popular formats?or burn to DVD or Blu-ray?and share them with the world. The unique new Archive and Restore tool conveniently preserves your work.
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Top Reasons to Upgrade to Pinnacle Studio HD v.15

- Archive/Restore feature makes it easy to back up all project data to a single location for instant restoration in the event of a computer crash.
- Support for DivX Plus HD (.MKV) lets you export projects in today's most popular media exchange format.
- Export projects directly to YouTube HD and QuickTime HD formats.
- Easily import and export files in the format used by popular AVCHD camcorders.
- Intel Media SDK integration yields faster performance with recent generations of Intel processorsGGe?GC?especially when scrubbing and playing back h.264-based formats like AVCHD.
- New added content makes it easy to create professional-looking movies right out of the box:
- Hollywood FX Volumes 1GGe?GC?3 provide over 1000 additional premium transitions and effects, making it easy to create great movies right out of the box.
- Premium Pack Volume 2 offers 54 DVD menu templates, 81 titles, and 79 sound effects with various themes.*
- Creative Pack Volume 1 provides over 32 DVD menus, 91 montage templates, and 28 titles with various themes.**
- Professional effects from award-winning visual effects company Red Giant*

* Only available in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate and Studio Ultimate Collection.
** Only available in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection.

* Quickly import photos and video
* Easily drag and drop videos, photos, titles, effects, and music
* Automatically create music to fit the length of your movie
* Choose from over 2,000 2D/3D effects, transitions, and other content?including professional Red Giant plug-in package
* Place people over virtual backgrounds using the built-in chroma-key effect and 5? x 6? green screen
* Preview in real time using the player window or full-screen mode
* Create an immersive experience with Dolby Digital? 5.1 sound
* Export to popular formats or burn to DVD or Blu-ray discs

Included Content Collection

Professional Red Giant Plug-in Package

* With the Red Giant plug-in package, you can enhance your productions with the same visual effects used in blockbuster Hollywood movies: Knoll Light Factory: Light and lens flares from master effects guru John Knoll (visual effects supervisor; Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar)
* ToonIt: Turn video into animation
* Trapcode Shine: Light ray effects
* Particular: 3D smoke, explosion, and rain effects
* Magic Bullet Looks: Change the look and mood of your movie
* Trapcode 3D Stroke: Animation and 3D effects

Hollywood FX Volumes 1?3

Over 1,000 unique, professional-level transitions and effects with themes including: Waves, Sports, Space, Sci-Fi, Holiday, Weddings, Comics and Cartoons, Pirates, Secret Agents, Tropical Vacation, Historical Architecture, and many more. Also includes HFX Editor for creating custom effects.

Creative Pack Vol. 1

32 DVD menus, 91 montage templates, and 28 titles, including: Cool Trees and Leafy Greens, Floral and Botanical, Hawaii, 50?s Modern, Islands, Red Retro, and many more.

Pinnacle Premium Pack Vol. 2

54 DVD menu templates, 81 titles, and 79 sound effects with themes including Baby, Kids, Winter, Travel, and more.



* Import video and photos from video cameras, digital cameras, phones, DVDs, and more


* Edit HD video on your computer-with ultra-fast performance when using AVCHD and H.264-based formats*
* Organize your media using the project bin and favorite folders
* Included Montage templates give you a head start with easy-to-use, multi-layer animations, transitions, and titles
* Back up your work with the new Archive/Restore tool*


* Use the Motion Titler to create sophisticated animated titles-just drag and drop
* Add professional effects from award-winning visual effects company Red Giant
* Add incredible Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound to your productions
* Included 5' x 6' chroma-key green screen sheet lets you change backgrounds and locations for your subjects
* Use stop-motion capture for amazing animations and fast-motion effects
* Fix shaky camera shots with the same Avid technology used on major motion pictures
* Use the included DVD menus for a professional look


* Easy one-click uploading to YouTube-including high-quality widescreen and HD* formats
* Share straight to Blu-ray and DVD
* Export movies to Flash, DivX Plus MKV*, QuickTime? HD*, AVCHD, AVCHD Lite*, PS3, Wii, Xbox?, and more

Minimum System Requirements*

* Windows? 7, Windows Vista? (SP2), or Windows XP (SP3)
* Intel? Pentium? or AMD Athlon? 1.8 GHz (2.4 GHz or higher recommended)
-Intel Core? 2 Duo 2.4 GHz required for AVCHD*
-Intel Core? 2 Quad 2.66 GHz or Intel Core i7 required for
AVCHD* 1920
* 1 GB system memory recommended, 2 GB required for AVCHD*
* DirectX? 9 or 10 compatible graphics card with 64 MB (128 MB or higher recommended)
-Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks plug-in: ATI or NVIDIA graphics card with
128 MB of RAM (or more) recommended
-256 MB required for HD and AVCHD*
* DirectX 9 (or higher) compatible sound card
* 5.7 GB of disk space
* DVD-ROM drive to install software

* Requires free product activation via the Internet.

Input Options

* Capture from DV, HDV, and Digital8 camcorders or VCRs-requires a FireWire? port)
* Capture from analog camcorders, 8 mm, HI 8, VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, or VCRs (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)-requires Pinnacle or Dazzle video hardware)
* Import from AVCHD* and other file-based camcorders, digital still cameras, mobile devices, and webcams via USB

Output Options

* Output to DV, HDV, or Digital8 tape (requires camcorder with FireWire input port and a PC with a DV/FireWire port)
* Output to analog videotape (requires DirectShow-compatible device with video output)

Import Formats

* Video: AVCHD*, AVCHD Lite*, BD Blu-ray*, DV, HDV, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DivX?*, MPEG-4*, 3GP (MPEG-4)*, WMV, non-encrypted DVD titles (incl. DVD-VR/ VR), QuickTime? MOV (DV, MPEG-4*, H.264*), DivX Plus? MKV*
* Audio: MP3, MPA, WAV, AC3*, WMA

Export Formats

* AVCHD*, AVCHD Lite*, BD Blu-ray*, HD-DVD, DVD (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD R, or DVD RW, dual layer), S-VCD, Video CD (VCD)
* Apple? iPod?, Sony? PSP/PS3, Nintendo? Wii, Microsoft? Xbox compatible formats*
* YouTube HD
* DV, HDV, AVI, DivX*, RealVideo?8, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4*, Flash, 3GP*, WAV, MP3*, QuickTime? MOV, DivX Plus MKV*
* Dolby?Digital 2-channel and 5.1-channel audio*

Optional Accessories

* CD burner for creating Video CDs or Super Video CDs (S-VCDs)
* DVD burner for creating DVD and AVCHD* discs
* Blu-ray burner for creating Blu-ray discs*
* Sound card with surround sound output required for preview of surround sound mixes*

Installation for anyone thats lazy to figure it out.

1. Open the file then go into the ?activation? folder and Run it.
2. After its done,click and Run the ?Trial? version.
3. Everything from there on is smooooth sailing.

More info and homepage: Products/Home Video/Studio Family/Studio Ultimate Collection 15.htm