AutoMapa 6.9.0 b EU Map 1110

AutoMapa 6.9.0 b EU Map 1110 | 2.62 GB
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Anotherversion of AutoMapa 6.9.0 b card with 2011.10 from Navteq - a programfor GPS navigation. There are 3D and night mode. There are audiolanguage: RU, LT, EN, D. ..... Option truck.
The newest maps of Poland marked with symbol 1110 including:
addednew 62 km long section of A1 Motorway Torun - Grudziadz, commissionedon 14 October 2011, including all changes around this route;
addednew 106 km long section of A2 Motorway Nowy Tomysl - Country Border,prepared to be opened on 1 December, including all changes around thisroute;
added ring roads of: Elk, Szczurowa, Kety, and internal ring roads of Gostynin and Plonsk;
added new S69 route section in Bielsko-Biala, prepared for unblocking;
includedsignificant changes in traffic organization in Warsaw (Marki - theGrota Roweckiego Bridge route, extension of Komisji Edukacji Narodowejave., etc.)
nearly six thousand new navigation plans of localities


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