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Almostany business process involves the calculation of results, and this isexactly what the system Mathematica - from building a website fortrading of hedge funds or publication of technical manuals to designembedded algorithms for image recognition and teaching of mathematicalanalysis. Mathematica system known as the most powerful in the world ofcomputing applications. But its much more - it is the only developmentplatform, fully integrated computing into the workflow from beginning toend, gently guiding you from initial ideas through to detailedindividual and industrial solutions.
The system Mathematica 8introduced free-form language input - an entirely new way to performcalculations. Enter a phrase in plain English, and immediately get aresult - knowledge of syntax is not required. This is a new way to getfull use of Mathematica, now containing 500 additional functions and 7applications - including the most advanced statistical capabilities inthe world and the most advanced image processing. New endpoints includeworkflow deployment of standalone applications or interactive documents.

Whetherit is for numerical computations with arbitrary precision, symboliccomputation or visualization - Mathematica system is a very powerfulcomputing tools, using the system-wide technology to ensure reliability,ease of use and performance. Computational power of Mathematica can beused directly as a weapon of some infrastructure, or through stand-aloneapplication, in which it is integrated.

Developtools, applications, documents and infrastructure components using aseamless workflow system Mathematica, a character unique language andcode editing environment progressive, reaching a rapid turnover in smallprojects and record deadlines for large systems.

Regardlessof the shape of the final product, whether its online documents,presentations, applications or industrial systems, the system can deployMathematica results in a wide range of formats, either locally or over anetwork. Equipped with a variety of ways to connect to external systemsand work with them, the system Mathematica is designed to maximize yourproductivity.

Automation is the key to productivecomputing. Unlike other systems Mathematica uses reasonable automationin all its parts, the choice of the algorithm to the location of plotsand construction of user interfaces. As a result, you get high qualityresults without the need for deep algorithmic knowledge, and even if theexpert use of the results will be obtained faster.

Integrated universal platform
Specializedsoftware and additional toolbox hinder creative work with new ideas anddirections - its worth even more than their nominal price. Mathematicasystem does not require purchasing any additional packages. It includesthe specialized functions of the many technical fields, fromcomputational biology to wavelet analysis, which is closely integratedwith the rest of the system.

A hybrid symbolic-numerical methodology
Symbolicand numerical calculations have traditionally been considered separateto the detriment of users. In Mathematica, they are tightly integrated,making it possible to construct a unique hybrid methods for solving manyproblems and ensures consistent results for different combinations ofvalues ??of accuracy.

Multiparadigm language
No one style ofprogramming is not ideally suited for all tasks. Mathematica systemdiffers from traditional programming languages, while supportingmultiple software paradigms: procedural, functional, rule-basedtemplates, or both.

Built-in information
Search operations areon a standard database and update should not break your workflow.Mathematica system compares favorably with other platforms for technicalcomputing that includes a vast collection of carefully researched dataof various types that are constantly updated and expanded.

The workflow is based on documents
Youshould not be necessary to use one program for processing data, theother for their visualization, and a third for interactive presenting.The system carries out all Mathematica for the workflow, whilemaintaining all the elements of the project, computing, visualization,data, documentation, and even interactive applications - together in auniquely flexible instruments.

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