Starring Ben Archer, Derek Cameron, Jon Ashe, Sal Corelli, Robert Harvey, Paul Johnson, Craig Rockwell, Jason McCain

Sex Psycho, a plot-heavy excursion through the streets and cruising parks of San Francisco, boasts a virile group of buff beaus who constantly crave cock. Derek Cameron is a hopeless sexaholic frequently prone to blackouts when aroused. Poor baby.
When we first spot him, he’s waking up naked in broad daylight, smack dab in the middle of Golden Gate Park. How did he get there? (Again.) Derek’s memory is a bit fuzzy, but he surely remembers debauching himself earlier in the bushes with a gruff, muscular, mustached cruiser (Ben Archer) who deep-plowed his thick tool into Derek’s anxious man hole right there on the grass. Derek also has a faint memory of being stalked by a mysterious hunk clad in leather chaps and straps. Derek wants him bad. Seeking help, our tormented, cock-starved hero goes to visit adorably sexy (but oh-so-"straight") Dr. Jason McCain, who recommends Derek attend a group therapy session.