Virtual Antivirus Rechecker ViAvRe by Renat

Virtual Antivirus Rechecker ViAvRe by Renat's 1211_3 (7 Antiviruses in one boot)[i686] (01.01.2012) | 14.50 GB

Live updated release distribution ViAvRe (Virtual Antivirus Rechecker) by Renats. Booting from the CD / Dvd / UsbFlash / Virtual Image / Xen disk (no installation required!) And check and treat your computer from viruses by using antivirus 7: AVG, Avast, BitDefender, Doctor Web (CureIt), Eset (Nod32), Fprot and Clamav.

Title: Virtual Antivirus Rechecker ViAvRe by Renat's 1211_3 (7 Antiviruses in one boot)[i686]
Version: 1211_3 (01.01.2012)
Latest version: 1211_3
Official site:
Architecture: i686
Type of drive: CD

The distribution includes:
Kernel 2.6.x
KDE 4.6
Firefox 3
Virtual Box with guest additions (Allows you to run a virtual machine, network support and management of auto-resolution screen and automatic integration of the mouse pointer)
rdesktop (terminal control session windows), vncviewer (for control via vnc protocol)
vncview (computer management windows / linux)
wine (emulator to run other windows applications)
k3b (Burning discs in KDE)
samba client
Gparted - for editing and changing the hard disk partition

Utility to create a bootable Flash Disk and Instruction
Ability to install the system on your hard drive.

You can set the disk as a second system and update the site through
Update all antivirus single komnadoy: viavre-update

On January 01. All the test version of KDE, ICEWM, RazorQT in 3 formats: Usb Image, Dvd / Cd, VDI / Wmdk. Have a nice test. Happy New Year!
December 5: In versions of KDE to the wishes of users added to the label Penguin Pills - a graphical tool for running console antivirus!

Contents of the distribution
Iso - image recording on a CD or DVD drive. It is also possible to burn a CD image to a DVD disc, but not vice versa
Oem.tar.gz - archives, after which raspokovyvaniya and rename the file. Img can be poured onto a USB flash drive, making it a pre-boot. (See folder Distr)
vmx.tar.gz - archive, which will be after you unpack the image to the virtual machine Virtual Box, VmWare, Qemu, Xen.

Additional Information:
Included in the test assembly under OpenSuse 12.1 KDE and ICE WM, Razor QT (analog Lite LXDE version).

Treatment procedure:
See carefully to your desktop (folder): / home / viavre / Desktop


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