Lets Learn Arabic CD Version - SWTZ

Lets Learn Arabic CD Version - SWTZ | 400MB
Lets Learn Arabic offers the most effective and easiest methods to speak and understand a foreign language in a simple and entertaining way on your computer.

Ideal for all students, travellers and business people, Lets Learn Arabic includes over 500 words that will have you speaking with confidence in notime.
Download a lesson to your iPod or mp3 player and practice on the go!

Features Include:
Record, playback and compare your speech with Advanced Pronunciation Analysis.
The SlowSound function allows you to control playback and hear every spoken nuance.
Contains full native speaker sound with conversation practice.
Dictation, pronunciation and drill n practice, games are included to test and reinforce the lessons taught in the program.
Monitor your progress on individual words or lists. You can create and customise your own lists and words, and even print out word flash cards.
Import and Export lists so you can share your lists among other Lets Learn Arabic users.
Multiple User support allows each user to create a unique learning profile.

Installing Lets Learn Arabic
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 & XP
The program should begin automatically via the autoplay feature. If this has not been enabled, follow these
simple steps:
1. Place CD into CD ROM drive.
2. Click Start, located on the left corner of the taskbar.
3. Select Run option.
4. Type the following, at the entry box: D:SETUP.EXE
(where D is your CD ROM drive letter. Change if otherwise).
5. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the setup.