The boot disk with a map of Japan - Toyota Voice Navigation System A2B-00S16 08 664 | 8.74 GB

Also suitable for those models and / m, which is indicated by reference disk model 08 664-00Y16 (for now) (at the bottom of the page under the image of the disc has two buttons - one to search for models of navigation, which are listed above, the second - to search by model and / m, to find its model can use a translator) Description: Disks for embedded navigation Toyota. Needed to load the navigation on the Japanese machines (right-hand drive), for example after turning off the battery, as well as for navigating Japan. For some systems, may enable the built-in MP3 and DVD functions. In the distribution of two discs: 1) Startup Disk 86 271-60V442.ISO - record to CD or DVD any 2) The disk with the card 86 271-60V462.ISO - write to dual layer DVD 8.5 GB (for downloading is not needed) Extras. Information: These discs are completely replaces all previous issues and updates from Toyota, namely, all the discs with marks A2x, where x - any digit from 0 to 9, as well as the letter A. Any reprogramming of the system may damage some electronic components and car users can do it at your own risk Compatible with: 2003
ND3N-D53 ND3N-W53 NDCT-D53 NDCT-W53 NDCT-W53E 2004 ND3A-W54A ND3T-D54 ND3T-W54 NDCN-D54 NDCN-W54 NDCT-W54E 2005 ND3T-W55 NDCN-D55 NDCN-W55 NDDA-W55 2006 ND3T-W56 NDDA-W56 NDDN-W56 2007 ND3T-W57 NDDN-W57 2008 NDDN-W58

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