Cembalo Mietke KONTAKT

Cembalo Mietke KONTAKT | 997MB

Hauptwerks Cembalo Mietke made for Kontakt with Reverb, Wallpaper, Releases and keyswitches for change registers.
The featured instrument was built by the workshop Jan Becicka & Stanislav Huttl & Petr Sefl, Hradec Kralove, in 2005. It is modelled according to the two-manual harpsichord of a German type, the historical instrument conserved at Charlottenburg, built by Michael Mietke (Berlin) in about 1710. The measures of the modern replica we recorded are taken from this historical instrument which served as a template. Strings are from brass. Tuning was set to the original 415 Hz. The compass is FF-f3 with disposition I 8, I 4, II 8, II buff stop (Laute). Manual coupler.
The instrument is remarkable by warm, gentle, colorful sound, which, especially in descant is not that sharp and strident, but more piano-like.
Register Keyswitches:
C0: Laute
C#0: 4 Lower Manual
D: 8 Lower Manual
D#: 8 Upper Manual
E: 4 8 Combination
F: 8 4 Combination
F#: 8 8 COmbination
G: Pleno


Mirror :


Mirror 2 :