CoolerMac 2.1 (Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion)

CoolerMac 2.1 (Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion) (Eng/Rus) | 7.65 GB
This assembly - DMG - image of your hard disk! Please do not confuse with the installation disc! This assembly enables you to comfortably use the system and the unique features Mac OS X! Assembly based on the final version of Mac OS X Lion!
Or usual hakintosh with the following parameters:
- Processor: 1 GHz, 32-bit or 64-bit
- Memory: 1 GB
- Hard disk: 16 GB of free disk space
- Video Card: Any for which there is kekstov.
- The drive: The device reads and writes DVD-ROM drive

Full list of features see below:
> For the latest updates for all programs and systems
> For the entire interface is configured for convenient operation
> Built-pack Cooler MacExt - it is most necessary kexts for most computers, without which there would be problems with the equipment, as well as kekstov who asked to build users. (You can request to add your kext for your hardware in the next version of the package.)
> Is the way the hard drive (For hakintoshnikov of 60% less, because you need only to deploy an image on the HDD, without any installation and problems with starting the installation)
> Sewn iWork 9
> It is much more easy to install on PC! (Why? See below!)
> Integrates Adobe Flash player for Lion and Java
> Improved performance on slower computers
> The correct drivers for all supported printers
> ServiceUtility (analog KextUtility) - a little program to serve kekstov after installation. Built-in here to guarantee successful execution of these functions. I recommend to only use it to build. This reduces the number of questions and problems.
> Integrated uTorrent
> Set the video driver to work with the old TV via HDMI
> Integrated VLC (standard player does not work with many video)
> The system is configured for low risk feykovymi installers known programs
> Acceleration of the whole system
> Integrated CleanMyMac - the best and most complete tool to keep Mac OS X Lion in a clean (new version)
> Installed iLife 2011
> Installed CyberDuck - the best FTP client
> Built UpDater - a mechanism to update to new versions of assemblies CoolerMac without having to install it all over again

Additional Information:
Attention! The system is original and no changes are made that alter the usual operation of the system!

Method of installation:
1) Copy the file .* Dmg CoolerMac on any media other than DVD
1) Boot from the Install CD Mac OS X (any version)
2) Run Disk Utility from the Utilities item
3) Go To tab in the recovery
4) Source - the image and choose .* DMG CoolerMac, which is copied to the media
5) Purpose - drag and drop from the list on the left of the hard disk for installation
6) Click to restore
7) Once the restoration is complete, restart your computer and boot from the hard disk

Note to hakintosh:
If you hakintosh, then boot from the installation disk and hard disk you need using EasyKit or any other boot loader if you do not work EasyKit! This assembly is installed, avoiding the many problems with ustanokoy through boot loader, configure your account, first start! Expanding the image, you will reach the state as immediately after the Mac OS X, just have configured your system, install all updates, bug fixes, improved security and installed all the main program! You just have to put kekstov and boot!