Multiboot 2k10 DVD & USB v.2.4.2 (Eng/Rus/2011)

Multiboot 2k10 DVD & USB v.2.4.2 (Eng/Rus/2011) | 2GB

Multiboot CD (DVD) & USB disk system administrator based on the bootstrap IsoLinux / SysLinux v.3.86. The CD consists of several products, unification of one shell with download vozmozhnostyu c CD / DVD, USB Flash Drive, USB-HDD and the usual HDD. The main purpose - preparing to install the OS (with vozmozhnostyu install Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 - Utilities WinInstall (GUI) / WinNtSetup, installation packages in an assembly are not included!), Creation / deployment system images, restore / copy data resuscitation companies, clearing the OS from viruses / trojans, testing the basic components of MS, and more. There is a support network (RusLive/Win7PE/PartedMagic) vozmozhnostyu with Internet access and multimedia support (RusLive / PartedMagic). There vozmozhnost use most of the programs of the assembly as a "portable" (fully portable, they are not, it's just self-extracting into a marketing-TEMP directory with autoenrollment).

The composition of the boot menu:
01. USB-driver PLOP v.5.0.13
02. SV-Micro-PE (@ SV2004) Plus Pack 2k10
03. RusLive (@ NIKZZZZ) Special Edition 2k10
04. Win7Live (@ Xemom1) Special Edition 2k10
05. WinSeven x64 (@ Xemom1) Special Edition 2k10
06. Parted Magic 2011.11.24 / Linux Live-CD /
07. DOS-version of Hiren's Boot CD 15.0 (rus)
08. Linux-version of Acronis Disk Director Suite v.10.2288 (eng)
09. Linux-version of Acronis Disk Director Advanced v.11.0.12077 (rus)
10. Linux-version of Acronis True Image Enterprise Server v.9.7.8398 (rus)
11. Linux-version of Acronis True Image Home Plus Pack 2012 v.15.0.6151 (rus)
12. Linux-version of Acronis B & RW v.11.0.17318 (rus)
13. Linux-version of Easeus Partition Manager Professional v.9.0.1 (eng)
14. Linux-version of Paragon Home Expert 11 v. (rus)
15. Linux-version of Paragon Home Expert 2009 v. (rus)
16. Linux-version R-Studio Emergency v.5.1.455 (eng)
17. DOS-utilities and much more ... see the boot menu in the screenshots

Brief description of the assembly:
1. Miniature SV-Micro-PE USB Tallin Plus Pack 2k10 (@ SV2004), heavily modified by me. Features - WIM-assembly, based on the core BS-Explorer, loaded for 30 seconds. and running very quickly. Minimum Requirements - 128MB of RAM, the normal operation of all programs - 160MB. There is support for SCSI / SATA / Raid (integrated drayverpak from Yurkesha), network support and multimedia there. Almost perfect replacement boot diskette - boot faster than a conventional floppy disk, and the possibilities are rather large, regular office machine lift. Download time with a stick (or USB2.0 mode podgruzhenny PLOP) ~ 40sek. With CD-Rom ~ 50sek.
Apart from the standard run mode, there is a special (128/256) in this mode does not load the assembly driver package SCSI/SATA/Raid/USB3.0, which allows you to boot the PC with a small amount of RAM, and sometimes - avoid BSOD when booting.

2. Special edition RusLive (@ NIKZZZZ) repak original multimedia version of 21.11.2011, on the core MS-Explorer with network support, and SCSI / SATA-devices and optional support for other devices (video / audio /...). Support for new devices can be added using external drivers (folder Drivers). Download time with a stick (or USB2.0 mode podgruzhenny PLOP) ~ 1 min. With CD-Rom ~ 2min. Minimum requirements - from 256MB of RAM (required to set the swap file), complete work on 512MB.

3. Special edition Win7Live (@ Xemom1), in core BS-Explorer with the classic interface, and network support, and SCSI / SATA-device (driver integatsiyu special thanks yahoo002!). Multimedia support is missing. Minimum requirements - from 512MB (swap file in this version work almost all programs except Kaspersky). At the core is built ERD-Commander 6.5 to restore the fallen 7-ki, also has full-time restore function W7. You can set the 7-ki classical way (with CD-ROM or from a folder on any drive SOURCES), ie, W7PE can completely replace the PE installer seven. You can also install any version of Windows from 2000 to 2008 from any carrier / folders using WinNtsetup2.

4. Special edition WinSeven x64 (@ Xemom1), at the core MS-Explorer with the classic interface, and network support, and SCSI / SATA-devices (thanks to yahoo002!). Network support for network cards running Realtek - immediately after the start of the PE, for the rest - after installing the driver from the package in a folder PeDrivers.W7 and network connectivity. No multimedia support. Minimum requirements - from 768MB. Built-ERD-Commander 6.5 (x64) to restore the fallen 7x64, also has full-time restore function W7.

5. Bootable LiveCD / Linux / Parted Magic. Allows you to perform various operations on partitions and supports a large number of file systems. In total, 70 different PMagic includes utilities. There is support for network / Internet multimedia. Requirements for memory - 256MB of.

All assemblies are characterized by the driver package to connect the SCSI / SATA / Raid-disks, in case of failure of one can try to load another assembly. Separately, I note that the assembly of the 7-ke able to connect the drive controller driver after boot PE.

The procedure for cleaning companies from WinLocker-s (porn banners):
1. Filled by any assembly (the fastest - by SV-Micro).
2. First, clean the system AntiWinLocker (section "Antivirus Tools"). It's simple - use the automatic mode. If detected the substitution of system files - fix them. Most likely, the virus is detected and eradicated, but that should not stop.
3. Run the SysInternals Autoruns (the "System Utilities"), it analyze the tab "Login" (ie, what is launched when the Wind). Pay special attention to the "Publisher" and "Path to file" - if the publisher is unknown (unfamiliar), and the path to the file - TEMP directory, marketing or name / path to the file do not match the system - it is an alarming bell. While not doing anything.
4. Run the file manager (FAR / TC), go to the directory WINDOWS (initially C: \ Windows, then C: \ WINDOWS \ system32), sort files by creation time (Ctrl F5) - at the top will be the last. We are looking for all *. exe *. dll lately (since pornobanner blocks start windsurfing, it is precisely its files can be "last").
5. Matches the Old SysInternals Autoruns and names from the system catalog for the file in the startup date and fresh - a sign of the desired free-banneta. You can just delete and file, and a branch of its launch, or for reassurance rename the file and uncheck it to run SysInternals Autoruns.
6. If the SysInternals Autoruns is run files from the TEMP directory user-marketing, System Volume Information and RECYCLER - it's 100% but pornobanner or virus, we proceed similarly p.5.
7. Close SysInternals Autoruns and file manager. After using the previous operations of the virus, most likely deleted. But in order to prevent re-infestation, you need using CCleaner (the "System Tools") to completely clean TEMP-marketing files and caches browsers.
8. The final touch - run antivirus Zaitseva (section "Antivirus Utilities"), it choose File-> System Restore, note to taste (I choose all but complete re-creation of claim 18, setting SPI), "Execute selected operations." This will help clear the redirect browser requests to the infected page, register and unlock the protected mode, etc.
For systems Windows 7/Vista is not recommended to note paragraph 6 (removal of all Policies) - this can lead to unbootable OS.
9. Optional - check computer for viruses using Kaspersky (faster) or Weber (longer). Antivirus blockers do not cure (yet?).
All. You can reboot and check. If the files were not removed, you can send them to the test in, permanently delete files locker and his entries in the registry (using SysInternals Autoruns). To prevent infection it is recommended to install anti-virus with FireWall or onnym.
Another type of pornobannera, which is activated immediately after the start of the PC HDD. It is written in the MBR / PBR, quickly treated with BootICE (Programs-2k10 \ Flash-Utilites \ BootICE \ BootICE.exe). Choose a screw running, Process MBR -> Windows NT 5.x MBR (for Windows 2000/XP/2003) or Windows NT 6.x MBR (for Windows Vista / 7) -> Install/Config-> OK.
Then Process PBR -> Select a partition with the OS-> NTLDR ... (For Windows 2000/XP/2003) or BOOTMGR (for Windows Vista / 7) -> Install / Config (no change) -> OK. Disk accesses to the OS (File Manager, Explorer, etc.) must be absent (may cause an update PBR, then close the program, repeat).
It can also be treated with the installation disk Windows (or recovery disk). Boot, waiting for the moment, where we propose to make a choice and press "R" (to run the recovery mode). Select the Windows recovery console and enter the command FIXMBR (fix MBR), confirm and enter FIXBOOT. Then EXIT and Boot in normal mode! For Vista / 7, these commands, respectively BOOTREC / FIXMBR and BOOTREC / FIXBOOT.
An excellent site describing the various methods for removing blockers, I would recommend reading.

Nonstandard techniques when working with the assembly:
Eliminate the problem on a computer client (after installing XP is not the right driver - video / network / sound, and get nowhere.) You can try to use the driver from drayverpakov assembly. Of course, this is not the best option, but sometimes it is working! Especially if you need to connect the network. And so the sound had to put so many times, and a plain board video works too.
1. Look in the device information of its code Ven_XXXX & Dev_YYYY & SubSys_ZZZZZZZZ (SubSys_ can be omitted).
2. With the FAR or Total CMD go to the desired file (Ctrl PgDn), for example, PeDrivers \ NIC.wim (NIC - NIC drivers, Graphic - Video, Sound - Sound)
3. Hit "Alt F7" (search), we specify a mask *. inf and "with the text" - which specifies the identity of the driver (for example, VEN_10b7 & DEV_9200). Note: Total must first note the search area - that is, a folder in the archive in the FAR is much easier and faster, no need extra body movements.
4. If the search finds the driver inf-file (s), check (if any) match SubSys_ZZZZZZZZ, if not necessary - choose what to eat. Ensure you have the driver can be loaded Ruslive, if after loading of the assembly, he took up and running - will work for the desktop WINDOWS (XP).
5. Copy the folder with the driver at any place and try to establish a regular way driver, unleashed by the installer folder.
6. To install the drivers for 64-bit version of 7-ki is easier to use DevInst.exe (for automatic installation - AutoInst.bat) from a folder 2k10 \ PeDrivers.W7. Modest set of drivers - only the network / modem / WiFi, USB drivers and chipsets. But usually this is enough to connect to the network and download the right driver means very WINDOWS.

Description of the solution of some problems:
1. If you can not install the bootloader Syslinux, manually delete the file ldlinux.sys (from the folder 2k10 \ SYSLINUX) and try again.
2. If the assembly is loaded with a long wait (pause) - check your Bios. If the system does not have Floppy-disk drive, but it is registered in the Bios - disable it in settings. This will help avoid many problems, including expectations.
3. Click Grub4Dos incorrectly registered launching Acronis DDA 11 (invalid pathname). Use the point to start the "Acronis DDA v.11.0.12077 ext. Options" or correct way to run (2k10 \ GRUB4DOS \ ACRONIS.LST)
Future versions will try to fix these flaws.

27/12/2011 Changes:
For the SV-Micro and Ruslive altered little start-up, now will not hang if the Bios is connected floppik nonexistent. At 7 the framework is not cleaned floppika connection at startup - so, if after the start of a 7-10min to machine. "Thinks", check the Bios and disable the "phantom". Posted in Ruslive support COM mice, underwent auto-install the drivers from the registry kernel RLPE.bat - that is, if you wish, you can disable auto-start (default enabled) at the start of the PE build or replace (!) For the installation of Drivers of drayverpakov. In the framework of the 7-blanking disabled the display at 10 minutes. omissions added connection drivers target OSes. For all assemblies can now be used to install the drivers from drayverpakov (moved to a folder DriverPacks), more than that - these drivers can be installed and running for usual (although, of course, limited set of drivers, but sometimes it is enough) - with autoinstaller 2k10 \ DriverPacks \ AutoInst.cmd. Did normal indexer package (DriverPacks \ Index_DP.cmd, details DriverPacks \ Index_DP.txt). Drivers in drayverpak for XP (folder NT5x86) identical drivers for zPnP (folder PeDrivers), only at the expense of smaller packages in 7zip. You can leave only one option ... or use at will any of them, both have their pros and cons (drayverpaki less, but require a place in the% TEMP% to unpack). Updated SoftMaker Office 2012, ATIH to Plus Pack Build 6151 (eng) (win32 and Linux versions), Linux version ABRy - to v.11.0.17318 (in Russian), Recover My Files, and many other programs and utilities. Added program CDCheck, ChkRepair, ErrorLookUp, RAMMon. Poispravlyal mistakes in menus and added in the little things that ordered. Posted in help system dozen manuals, for which a special thank you Viktor_Kisel.

System requirements:
Kompyuter with 128Mb RAM or higher (SV-Micro) / 256Mb RAM or higher (RusLive / Parted Magic), 512Mb RAM or higher (Win7Live), 768Mb RAM or higher (WinSeven x64), CD / DVD drive or USB interface.

On the file:
Enabling | reg code: not required
Language: Eng / Rus
File Format: Iso
Platform / OS: WinPE


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