Tekla Structures v17.0 Multilingual (x86+x64) SR1\SR2\SR3\SR4 Last Update 2011 | 5.4 GB

Tekla Structures software is a building information modeling (BIM), which allows you to create accurate, detailed, easy to construct 3D models of any material and any complexity and to manage them. Tekla Structures model can be used throughout the construction process from design to fabrication, erection and construction management.

Tekla Structures - this is one product available in several configurations that provide specialized functionality to meet needs of certain segments of the construction industry.
Tekla Structures can be used with other existing applications, or solely as a platform to develop their own workflows. Its open platform supports interoperability and standardization. Tekla Structures is joined with various systems through Tekla Open API ™ application programming interface that is implemented using Microsoft ®. NET. For example, Tekla Structures supports the following standard formats: IFC, CIS / 2, SDNF and DSTV. Tekla Structures supports proprietary formats such as DWG, DXF and DGN.

12/12/2011 added
\ Add \ Tekla structures Background Color (RGB Value) Selector \
\ Tekla BIMsight \ Import From Tekla BIMsight \
\ Multi-user_server \ - ran a server for collaboration
\ Tekla extensions \ Ring_plate.rar
\ Tekla extensions \ General_Embeds.rar
\ Tekla extensions \ Part Orientation Review.rar
\ Tekla extensions \ Sloping_Slab_Drainage.rar
\ Tekla extensions \ Database Information.rar
\ Tekla extensions \ Hyperlink Manager.rar
\ Tekla extensions \ Rapid Prototype Converter.rar
\ Tekla extensions \ EliSlab Link.rar
\ Tekla extensions \ Howick.rar
\ OpenAPI \ OpenAPI_Startup_Package_v171_x64.msi
\ SR3 \ TeklaStructures170SR3x86Software \
\ SR4 \ 17.0_TS_SR4_x86 | | 17.0_TS_SR4_x64 | | Environments | | ReleaseNotes
\ Add \ Analysis_ & _Design \ - convectors in STAAD.Pro. [V.2005 \ 2006 \ 2007] - from the distribution of 16y Tekla | | "SAP2000" and "Robot Millennium" - updated
\ Add \ Analysis_ & _Design \ TS_Robot_Millennium_1.54 \
\ Add \ Analysis_ & _Design \ TS_to_SAP2000_x64.rar
\ Add \ Analysis_ & _Design \ TS_to_SAP2000_x86.rar

New in Tekla Structures 17:
Improved commenting, clash checking, organizing, viewing, snapping and project managing tools
Even more interoperability with leading software systems such as Unitechnik, BVBS 2.0, BETSY etc.
Enhanced visualization, larger color palette
Better Windows-like functionality
Improved DSTV connection to CNC machinery.
Support for 3Dconnexion mouse
Higher accuracy with customizable and more automated drawings

ext. Materials
Total - Environment including 33 (common and default)
- Tekla Web Viewer 1.26 (build 10)
- TeklaStructures_Hardware_recommendation.pdf
- Release_notes_170_enu.pdf
- Beam extruder
- Curved beam
- Offset
- Tekla_Crane_1.0 - says that in order to v13.1 (not verified)
- Multi-user_server
- OpenAPI
- Tekla BIMsight
- Analysis_ & _Design
- WeldApp
- TS170-training_files
- Tekla extensions

\ Tekla extensions \ - 58 of 58 additions
Anchor Rod Tools.rar
Assembly Comparer.rar
Attribute Importer.rar
Bolt Dimension Tools.rar
Column Scheduler.rar
Combine Part Marks.rar
Comment tool.rar
Concrete pour and formwork sample.rar
Convert PDF to Reference Object.rar
Crane Console.rar
Curved Beam.rar
Custom Component Dialog Editor.rar
Data Exchanger.rar
Data Extractor.rar
Database Information.rar
Directory Browser.rar
Drawing Detail Manager.rar
Drawing Preview.rar
Drawing Tools.rar
EliSlab Link.rar
Erection Drawing.rar
Export to Software.rar
Fly Through.rar
GA Part Selection.rar
Hyperlink Manager.rar
IFC Change Management.rar
IFC Object Converter.rar
In-Model Reviewer.rar
Installation Sequence.rar
Label Tool.rar
Mobile Navigation Toolbar.rar
Neighbor Grids And Compass Marks.rar
Neutral File Import & Export.rar
Node Adder.rar
Part Orientation Review.rar
Part Presentation Mark.rar
Phase Numbering.rar
Phases and Lots to Tasks.rar
Publish to 3D-PDF.rar
Rapid Prototype Converter.rar
RFI Manager.rar
Sandwich ties.rar
SDNF mm to metres.rar
Section Builder.rar
Step Iges Converter.rar
Tekla Animator.rar
Weld Mark Merge.rar
Workplane Manager.rar

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