mediaCAT 2011 Service Communication System STIHL - VIKING

mediaCAT 2011 Service Communication System STIHL - VIKING | 5.26 GB

Spare parts list, technical information, repair manuals, catalogs, directories STIHL from the first quarter of 2011 and VIKING - the second quarter of 2011.

nterface languages ??are almost all European countries, including Russian.

Extras. information
The program has MediaCat:

Programme Management
Personal settings: you can enter your personal details and set individual parameters printouts that the system
Customer management: You can enter all of its customers to manage their orders, estimates, discounts, etc.
Supplier management: You can enter all their suppliers to manage their orders, Internet connection, discounts, etc.
Route in the network: you can specify the location of data for program installation on the network
Manage and download price lists: you can download and customize the price lists for purchase from your suppliers and / or price lists for sale to your customers
Select language: you can choose the language of several available
Select catalogs: you can select the directory and language

As many as seven search options
The system folders are searched by Product Family
Product: Product search is conducted on a model by name and characteristics
Documents: search is a separate document by name and by type
Article: search is conducted on sheet code, name, specifications and links
Notes: The Notes are being sought, imposed by the manufacturer, as well as your personal notes
Favorites: provides direct access to the documents that you have set as favorites
Universal: search is any word in all directory

Direct access through search
Through a system of folders
Through images and multimedia hyperlinks

Enter personal comments
Bookmark this page
Compare the different products
Document Management: orders, warranties, estimates, etc.
Integration with Internet
Exploded view of the product in the form of graphical icons
Provision of information on the article, price, etc.
Managing images and zoom function that makes it easy to consider the details of illustrations
Options for printing exploded view, manuals, data sheets on products, price lists, etc.
Personal Settings Screen
Warehouse Management
Delivery of data and links in the yellow boxes with hint
Provision of information about where in the directory using this feature
Issuing replacement for the item that allows you to sell off old stock: the user can no longer order the wrong or outdated code sheet
Multiple Choice

Finally, all types of searches can use a universal replacement sign to enter the keyboard characters minimum, making it easier to find parts.

System requirements: . CPU 2 GHz or higher
. RAM 512 MB
. 100 MB free hard disk space for program
. 700 MB free hard disk space for data directory
. Monitor SVGA (1024x768 resolution or higher)

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