DG Gold SoftPack x86/x64|ISO|2011

DG Gold SoftPack x86/x64|ISO|2011 | 8.41 GB

DG Win & Soft Gold SoftPack 2011 is designed for those who are tired to look for the new programs individually and download them separately. The assembly contains a beautiful boot menu, divided into categories and within each category are programs. The assembly has a format iso (disk image). To start to mount in Daemon Tools.
What's new:
The assembly was built v11.0.10 Activation Win7 v3.3.0
Update History Activation Win7 v3.3.0
* Updated activator from Daz to version 2.0.4
* Updated program for the firmware to version 1.62 AMI
* Updated program for flashing Phoenix / Dell to version 1.85
* Updated help file