Auto FX Plug-in Suite 1.0 x86/x64|ISO|2011

Auto FX Plug-in Suite 1.0 x86/x64|ISO|2011 | 8 GB

Mystical Focus is a suite of 16 visual effects that add luscious depth-of-field, panning motion, focal point, bokeh and tilt-shift focal results to your digital images. The Mystical Focus suite of effects runs as a stand-alone application and as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for Mac and Windows users.

Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 is a suite of professional software for adding edges, frames and borders to enhance your photos.
The new Platinum Edition now includes an amazing collection of film frames, darkroom effects, grunge edges, natural media borders, and dozens of other new styles with over a thousand pieces of new creative content.
An improved preview and rendering system along with an updated interface make the Platinum Edition software a breeze to use.
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