Blue Moon WPI DVD ENG/Multi/2011.12

Blue Moon WPI DVD ENG/Multi/2011.12 | 2.85 GB

Collection of programs with automatic Windows Post Install from Sweet Liu. This package of software was removed from the form of the final Windows XP Professional SP3 Blue Moon (AHCI - RAID) DVD, and packaged in a new way. The image is optimized format ISO.

Times have you tired of reinstalling Windows afterward long and sickening install all the necessary software. They are scattered somewhere in the computer, they ought to find, and put kryaknut. Traditionally, it takes a bit if not more tarry than installing the OS, then the image is specifically for you. You just select the required applets and push start, they postavyatsya quietly and without noise. The spectrum represented by the additions allows to solve most problems that arise in practice, both beginners and experienced users: from editing and converting audio and video files to the resumption of lost data and to develop their own additions.
The contents of WPI
Renewal of auto