Peugeot LASER v6.5

Peugeot LASER v6.5 | 4.3 GB

Electronic parts catalog, akssessuarov, as well as online documentation, repair and maintenance of Peugeot 1990-2000s.
Supplied on a CD and a DVD, installed completely on HDD or running with the DVD.
The catalog contains information on spare parts, labor hours, repairs, maintenance and diagnostics, includes e-mail. the scheme.
There is a search on VIN or on model, decoding of each position VIN.
It is possible to request accurate data on the VIN from a central server (required to install Ev3 - is included).
Elektroshemy not fully represented.
List of models:
106, 106new, 205 -> IAM91, 205I-> AM91, 206, 306, 306new, 307, 309, 405, 405new, 406, 406new, 605, 605new, 607, 806, 807, Boxer, Boxer new, Expert, J5 -Express, (Part.VP2, Part.VU2), Partner.Prednaznachen to authorized service centers. Part Numbers - original.
Language - English, French (not Russian). Configured during the installation (please! installation menu as French-speaking, do not look at the Select option "English" - English there is listed as "Anglais").
Installation Instructions - attached (on CD in the folder Crack). Be sure to follow ALL items ...
(Posted to individual doc-file, if someone ponyadobitsya only instruction.)
Extras. Information: Skrinshott from another version
Description taken from the box drive. The box is specified that it 1/2006g.! actually occurs in the program 12/2005g. Revision exactly v. 6.5.0 AP2I
Strongly do not hit - the first distribution
Seen more problems with installation
lower screen resolution, you never know, but at 800 * 600 will not go,
is in the readme, but once again put in the time format as described in the readme. (HH: mm: ss, like so)

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