The Towers of Magic Complete Edition

The Towers of Magic Complete Edition | .3Ds, .vob, .pp2, .jpg | 3.41Gb

The Towers of Magic represent a grand order of wizards and their great institution of learning. Each tower represents a school of magic, its purpose, its opposition and place in the great circle. Developed in conjunction and respect for the worlds most popular role playing game.
The Towers of Magic series of models - suitable for a medieval fantasy setting where humans live, yet perhaps also where other races, such as halflings, dwarves, elves and faeries may cross ones path. This series includes a 3DS format, Poser 6 Prop PP2 and Vue VOB version. Includes an unwrapped medium resolution texture map (2048x2048). Some models also include transparency maps for windows.

TOM1V101 The Tower of Abjuration
TOM1V102 The Tower of Conjuration
TOM1V103 The Tower of Evocation
TOM1V104 The Tower of Divination
TOM1V105 The Tower of Illusion
TOM1V106 The Tower of Enchantment
TOM1V107 The Tower of Necromancy
TOM1V108 The Tower of Transmutation

-3DS format models
-2048x2048 Texture Map, Transparency and Bump Map of Building
-Poser 6 PP2 Prop Versions of the Building
-Bryce BR 5 Versions of the Building
-Vue VOB object versions of the Demo and all props


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