Counter Strike: Source (v1.0.0.69fix2) (2011/ENG/RUS/build MyCSS)

2004 Update of December 21, 2011 | English/Russian | Developer : Valve, Turtle Rock Studios. | Publisher : Buka | 2.15 GB
Genre : Action, Shooter

Counter Strike popular multiplayer game, has the support network and singles (with bots). The main idea of ??playing two opposing teams Terrorists (Terrorist team, T) and Special Forces (Counter Terrorist team, CT). Every player entering the game chooses a team for which he wants to play, or an opportunity to be an observer if it is provided Spectator game server settings.
Goal of the game do the job card or destroy the enemy. During the assignment, and destruction of the enemy player gets the money can be spent on buying arms, ammunition and equipment. (The losing team also gets money, but much smaller).
As in the original version of the game, Counter Strike: Source team confront each other counter terrorism (CT, SWAT) team and the terrorists (T) in a series of rounds.
Each round is won by performing a specific mission (such as disruption bomb or rescuing hostages) or after the destruction of all members of the opposing team.
Gameplay is similar to that in Counter Strike. Most of the weapons are also identical to the weapons in Counter Strike 1.6, except for the shield, which was available counter terrorists. In buying rounds later became a place automatically in the early rounds and the purchase of new weapons. The cartridges are now free, just give full ammo when buying weapons, they also can be refilled after returning to the place of purchase.

Main features : Based on the crystal clear assembly, but added:
1) The emulator ProFIX of flights.
2) The client side anti cheat UCP (version 7.3).
3) Plug in for a quick change nickname (setname console).
4) A set of cards and sounds (to less pumping when connecting to servers).
5) Our servers are in the main menu (if you do not like to replace with your own).
6) Resources for the dialog box controls repeats.
7) Added files to a client upgrade from December 25, 2011

Protocol version: 21.
Exe version: (cstrike).
Exe build: 00:49:00 Dec 14, 2011 (4785) (240).
RevEmu: Version 9.8.5 of 12/26/2011.

1) Run setup.exe
2) Follow the installation wizard
3) During the installation will be created to run the 3 shortcuts in the Start menu and in the game folder, and if appropriate check boxes will be installed in the setup wizard on your desktop, consider their purpose:
Counter Strike Source MyCSS : normal launch of the game, only in this mode you can go to the server with the included VAC.
Counter Strike Source MyCSS with anti cheat : Start the game with anti cheat, but in this mode, you can log into the server anticheat UCP and can be accessed on the server off VAC.
Debugging Counter Strike Anticheat MyCSS Source : similar to the previous label, but after running generates a file ucp.dbg, which recorded all debug information that is needed in case of problems, starting anti cheat.

FAQ on how to change nickname in the game:
1) Run css
2) Check whether the command console (so go to Settings > Control > bottom click Advanced > put a check in point include the Shell)
3) Open a command konslo (for the uninitiated do this by pressing the tilde (~))
4) At the console enter setname xxxxxx instead of xxxxxx write your

If the game is prezhdnemu flies ...
A bit of theory: most likely your antivirus is blocking access from emulator to one of the developers site, with anti virus is malicious code in the resulting traffic. The assurance of the developers reason not to believe that there is, this code is dangerous only when access to traditional Internet browsers, and on receipt of the code the game there was no danger, since the code is not executed.
What to do: if you are sure that the servers on which youre not distribute such malicious code, you can add the game to the exclusion of your antivirus software. If there is no trust in the servers, you can disable anti virus for 2 4 minutes, go to the game, but do not go to a server emulator for the specified time will need to visit the website of the author and get permission to search for servers, and then after the engagement antivirus, you can safely go to the server. Such a pattern is characteristic of all assemblies.

Minimum system requirements :
Operating System: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Seven
Processor: Pentium [email protected] GHz
Memory: 256 Mb
Video Card: C supports DirectX: 7.0: memory 64 Mb.
Sound card: compatible with DirectX 7.0
Free space on HDD: 5 GB


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