Unigine Evaluation Kit 2011

Unigine Evaluation Kit 2011 | 933 MB

The cost of the most expensive software license - $ 40,000! Unigine - cross-platform subprogramme software developed by the same name Unigine Corp. It is used either as a game engine or the engine for virtual reality systems. There are various licenses Unigine, including for independent developers. Unigine now has support for OpenGL 4.0 and DirectX 11.
The name «Unigine» means "universal engine" or "unique engine." Technology demonstration engine Unigine included in the Phoronix Test Suite to measure performance on Linux systems.

Development Unigine began with open source-project Frustum, which was opened in 2002 by Alexander «Frustum» Zapryagaevym, which is currently the co-founder (along with Dennis Shergin, CEO) and CTO of Unigine Corp., As well as a leading developer of engine Unigine.

There are twenty four different licensee Unigine, fourteen of which are developing games. The Corporation also provides Unigine game on your engine. The engine supports hardware tessellation, SSAO, SSDO, DirectCompute, OpenCL 1.1 and Shader Model 5.0.
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