Mac OS X 10.7 Lion - Working Copy, Updates Fine as Well | 3.45 GB

Installed on my Mac Mini, no install issues. Updated, and ran fine with photoshop.
You can only install onto Intel Macs, and you have to be running 10.6.8 snow leopard. That is per the Apple site.

Sum check: e05c4c7c43b210d0b8fc265c609f4dd70617ff86

Find information, and requirements, for Lion here:

INSTALLATION (Seems to be a problem)

- I use E7z7 to unrar the file, you can find it here:

- Burn the DMG to a DVD via Disk utility > install from said DVD.
( go here to see how to do this if you don't know how.)

Link Filesonic:
If links die, I will reupload at here.
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