Dungeon Defenders - DWI (Cutdown Rip/ 2011)

Dungeon Defenders - DWI (Cutdown Rip/2011)
PC | 2011 | Developer & Publisher: Trendy Entertainment | 902 MB
Genre: Action / Strategy / RPG

DungeonDefenders is a Tower Defense Action RPG where you must save the land ofEtheria from an Ancient Evil! Create a hero from one of four distinctclasses to fight back wave after wave of enemies by summoning defensesand directly participating in the action packed combat!
Customize andlevel your character, forge equipment, gather loot, collect pets andmore! Take your hero through multiple difficulty modes andchallenge/survival missions to earn more experience & even bettertreasure. Join your friends with 4 player online and local (splitscreen)co op to plan your strategies together or compete in PvP Deathmatch.
4 player Online and Local Co Op Team up with up to 3 friends todefend cooperatively, with character classes that support each othersstrengths and weaknesses. Dynamically combine local (splitscreen) andonline players and leave/join any time, so that the games always full.
Tower Defense Meets Action RPG Choose your class, customize yourcharacter & equipment, strategically assemble your defenses, andparticipate directly in action packed battle to preserve your castleagainst the invading horde!
4 Distinct Character Classes Eachcharacter class has a different skill tree, set of towers, and evenbasic attacks! You can choose if you want to play stealthy, turninvisible, and plant traps behind enemy lines with the Huntress or goall out, block off choke points, and brutally beat your foes intosubmission with the Squire!
Loot and Level Up Grab the mounds ofmoney and items that your defeated foes drop and trade them or storethem for later use in your Item Box! Getting kills and completing wavesearns you experience points, which can be used to upgrade yourcharacters, skills, equipment, and towers on a per statistic basis. Doyou want to enhance Hit Points, Attack Rate, Damage, etc The choice isyours... Store your massive overflow of money in the Mana Bank and thenspend it to improve your equipment or trade with other players. Proudlyshow off your best equipment in your own Adventurers Tavern, withoutfear of item theft!
Tons of Enemies and Huge Boss Fights Over 100simultaneous enemies will attempt to tear through your defenses andgigantic Boss Monsters will appear to rain down havoc upon everyone.Only by employing the most effective defensive strategies, teamwork, andstrong characters will you defeat such devilish foes! Many enemy typesrun the gamut from big dumb Orcs swinging huge axes, to lithe Dark Elvesthat strike from the shadows, to crazy kamikaze goblins! Can you defeatthe epic boss battles and collect the special loot while stilldefending your crystals
Mission & Game Play Variety Eachlevel has a different visual setting, layout, enemy types, traps, anddistinct surprises. To collect all the loot and reach the highest levelsyou must take your character through 4 difficulty modes, survivalmissions, challenge maps, and more! Some maps force you to have mobiledefenses, guarding a crystal which warps around the map. Others have YOUattacking enemy encampments!
Collect and Trade Pets Online Avariety of pets exist to assist you in the land of Etheria, each withdistinct behaviors. These pets can be leveled up and customized to matchyour unique play style. They can even be traded online with otherplayers!
Secure Trading System Afraid another player wont lie upto their word Use our secure trading system to trade your preciousweapons, armor, and pets with other players online! Watch your name andfame spread online, as people seek out the best pet raisers or itemforgers!
A Mountain of Stats Every shot you take, kill you make,and defense you build is logged and recorded for posterity. Pore overthe voluminous charts and graphs at the end of each session to analyzeyour teams performance, quickly review your best statistics for eachlevel, and compare your data online with other players to see who is thegreatest hero of all. Furthermore, your Achievements are visible forall to see within your very own Adventurers Tavern, and the highestscores for each of your heroes are ranked on the worldwide leaderboards!

Included DLCs:
The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device for the Huntress heroclass. Constantly consuming energy when active, this device allows itsuser to open portals from one location to another and can be used togreatly extend a traps range, quickly teleport across the map, orconfound enemies!
Four Team Fortress 2 Familiars:
The Heavy: Uses his Gatling gun to shoot at enemies from afar.
The Engineer: Repairs groups of nearby towers while youre on the offensive.
The Medic: Heals a group of nearby allies amidst battle.
The Pyro: Uses a flame thrower to set your foes on fire.
Argo Pet, a baby green dragon starts out as just a tiny creature, buthe packs a whallop in the form of stinging vampiric poison projectiles,which sap enemy hitpoints while adding a small amount to your own! Healso boosts a variety of your Hero statistics, so level him up and hellnot only grow in size and strength, but in benefit to your own characteras well. An essential companion for any serious defender of dungeons.
Nagi Pet, a baby black dragon starts out as a small critter, whoheals your towers while also attacking nearby enemies! He also boosts avariety of your Hero statistics, so level him up and hell not only growin size and strength, but in benefit to your own character as well. Ahelpful companion for any defender of dungeons.
Archimedes Petstarts out as a miniscule hatchling, who periodically heals you whilescratching at any nearby enemies! He also boosts a variety of your Herostatistics, so level him up and hell not only grow in size and strength,but in benefit to your own character as well. A loyal companion for anydefender of dungeons.
Mephisto Pet healing your towers ANDpunishing your foes with blasts of fire, along with boosting youroffensive statistics, Mephisto is the ultimate travelling companion!

Fixed no sounds bug with 7.1 speaker setup
Added Invert mouse to in game options
Disable sound option in Configuration tool now works
Less online disconnections, made timeouts more forgiving

The setup still takes longer to actually initialize than I want, I am still working on this.

Enjoy the new music in the autorun, I plan on it playing something different with each release.

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7
DirectX 9c
1 GHz

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