Windows Server R2 Black Edition x86/x64|ISO|2008

Windows Server 2008 R2 Black Edition x86/x64|ISO|2008 | 3.70 GB

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Here it is, a custom modded Server. You don't see this everyday! Built on Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64 but with all the GUI goodness of Windows 7 and similar functionality.This has virtually all the default features of Windows 7 enabled:

-IE Explorer

-Media Features

-Print & Document Services

-Remote Diff Compression

-Windows Search

-XPS Services

-Tablet PC

-.NET 3.5 Framework

-Fax & Scan

-Wireless Networking

-Desktop Experience

-Admin UI

Plus, it has Token Black Icons, Aero themes, Cursors and other GUI tweeks/mods as you can see here:

The only removed component is "Natural Language". This WILL NOT EFFECT Language packs. It's used for Windows Advanced Search, but I have included an app called "Everything" that is far superior to M$ Advance Search.

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