Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 + Update 1 ISO/2011 | 2.34 GB

Embarcadero ® Delphi ® XE2 - it's the fastest way to create a platform-based applications with the broadest capabilities for Windows, Mac and mobile devices. This product enables developers to significantly shorten the time to write code and create applications to five times faster.

Creating high-performance 32 - and 64-bit platform application
Delphi allows you to create a single application and then compile it for Windows and Mac OS X. You can also create a mobile application iOS for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Such applications use all the features and performance of the CPU and GPU. However, they are based on the components in a robust and fast visual environment, which saves time and, if necessary to get full access to source code and hardware.

Deploying on Windows, Mac and iOS
Thanks to the platform FireMonkey Wednesday Delphi helps you create applications and compile them into platform code as Windows, and Mac OS X. In addition, it allows you to create mobile applications iOS for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, and distribute them through the online store App Store of Apple. Delphi FireMonkey applications take full advantage of powerful features and high performance CPU and GPU.

Create interactive applications with attractive interface
With the new application platform FireMonkey Delphi's easy to create for PC, Mac and mobile applications with highly interactive and attractive interface opportunities data. It allows you to create interfaces and high-definition 3D-interfaces using scalable vector graphics, the graphics processor with programmable hardware graphics, animation and effects, a similar effect in Photoshop.

Create applications with full connectivity
When using Delphi applications can connect to all popular databases through high-performance built-in functions. Cloud Data Services and Delphi applications allow you to connect to all popular client platforms, environments, languages ??and devices currently in use. Mobile applications for devices with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 can be connected to services and databases, applications DataSnap.

Flexible visualization of dynamic data
New components in Delphi LiveBindings allow you to connect any data source to any UI element or widget VCL or FireMonkey. Components LiveBindings provide ample opportunity and freedom to present data to users in a visual interactive way. LiveBindings also includes expressions that provide opportunities and flexibility when building a dynamically calculated and updated bindings.

What's New in Delphi XE2
- Fully 64-bit compiler and a framework for Windows
- Cross-platform development for Windows and Mac (OS X)
- Creating mobile applications for iOS
- Full-featured platform FireMonkey for business applications
- Treated GPU 3D-graphics and high definition graphics in user interfaces
- More than 50 graphic effects, such effects Photoshop
- Components LiveBindings to connect any vector or three-dimensional user interface element to any data source
- Mobile DataSnap connectors for Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone 7
- Custom styles VCL
- Funds reporting FastReport
- A means of documenting Documentation Insight
Product Highlights
- Integrated RAD visual environment with the possibility of interactive development
- More than 500 visual controls
- Built-in compiler to create a platform-oriented code for Windows and Mac
- VCL-management support with touch and gestures
- DbExpress with support for all major databases
- Data services and application services DataSnap the ability to connect via JSON, REST, HTTP, HTTPS and mobile connectivity
- Centralized license management and deployment of funds by Embarcadero ® AppWave ®
- Integration of cloud computing with Amazon and Azure
- Universal Modeling Language (UML), audit and code metrics
- Access to previous versions of Delphi (7, 2007-XE)

What's new in this version:
Delphi 64-bit for Windows - Full support for VCL / RTL. The new 64-bit compiler is able to assemble applications (exe, dll, packages, etc.) the previous versions without rewriting the source code.
FireMonkey - a new platform for the development of native applications will compile applications for Windows, MacOS and iOS.
dbExpress ODBC driver, drivers for Windows 64 dbExpress, dbExpress driver OS X (InterBase, Firebird, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Anywhere, and Informix)
DataSnap: Monitoring and control joints, https, a mobile client for IOs, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7 and more
LiveBinding - a new mechanism to link any type of data in VCL and FireMonkey
Cloud API for Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service API, Amazon Queue Service API, Amazon SimpleDB API)
VCL styles to change the interface VCL applications
Support work with zip files

Year: 2011
Developer: Embarcadero
Platform: Windows
Compatible with Seven: full
Language: English
Medicine: present tablet
Description: Delphi XE2

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