VAS PC v18.01.1 | 11.41 GB

VAS-PC is a vehicle diagnostic, measuring and information system for VAG cars (Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda). It is an alternative to VAG-COM, but the software contains much more functions than the VAG-COM. It is used with VAS hardware device. Sorry but we don't sell hardware. To work with software you will need VAS 505x (5051B, 5052x, 5054, 5055, 6150) and PC/Laptop.

VAS 5054 - vas PC v18
VAS-PC Base CD Version 18.01.00
Base CD18.00 English(4.2010)
Audi CD18.20 English
Audi CD18.26 English
Audi CD18.27 English (12.2010)
Audi CD18.28 English(2.2011)
Bentley CD18.01 English(1.2011)
Seat CD18.65 English(1.2011)
Skoda CD18.43 English(10.2010)
VW CD18.03 English
VW CD18.08 English(2.2011)
VW CD18.09 English(2.2011)
Lamborghini V18.01
Audi CD18.28 SPA
Bentley CD18.01 SPA
Seat CD18.63.1 SPA
Skoda CD18.44 SPA
VW CD18.06 SPA
VW CD18.07 SPA
VW CD18.09 SPA
Installation Instructions about VAS-PC Version 18.00:
1.Istall the Base CD
2.Reboot your machine
3.Run - Install VAG VAS-PC HotFix For Version 18.00
4.Run VAS-PC wait a little bit and then close it. Re-run it and then OK
5.Go to Administration and put your details for Menus ACTIVATION!!!!!
1) 123 Then Q 2) 12345 Then Q 3) Whatever name you want, it
hase to be and in 2 lines then Q
Also about the Numbers use whatever you think or you want...
6.Run - Install the PATCH 18.01.00 Base CD (7.2010)
7.Reboot your machine
8.Re-Run Re-Install VAG VAS-PC HotFix For Version 18.00
9.Run - Install the PATCH 18.01.01
10.Now, install ALL the Brand CD's

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