Lumion 3D Sierra Complete 3D Land Designer 7.0

Lumion 3D Sierra Complete 3D Land Designer 7.0 | 3.7GB

Lumion- three-dimensional visualization tool in real time, allowing you tocreate videos and high resolution images for architecturaldemonstrations. Also present in the assembly SIERRA COMPLETE 3D LANDDESIGNER 7.0 - Latest version of one of the best in their field oflandscape design software packages.
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Version in the distribution: 7.0 full
Operating system: win98, 2000, XP, 7

Lumion- three-dimensional visualization tool in real time, allowing you tocreate videos and high resolution images for architecturaldemonstrations.
Lumion also contains a library of buildings and cars,animated trees, plants and grass, men and animals, roads, sidewalks,rocks, hedges, etc. This release is an update to SP1

Key features Lumion 3D:
- Import of DAE, FBX, MAX, 3DS, OBJ, DXF
- Import TGA, DDS, PSD, JPG, BMP, PNG and HDR images
- Intuitive interface
- Realistic water, several species of water
- Animated sky and clouds
- More than 40 so the landscape environment
- Sunlight, calculated on the basis of geographic origin and time of day
- Precise measurement for object placement, marker tools for precise placement
- Lightweight material editor, more than 450 materials in the library
- Creation of video clips in MP4 format
- Support for high-resolution images for print, the maximum resolution is 7680h4320

Treatment procedure:
1) Download
2) Set
3) Replace the exe file (from the Crack folder to move the exe file in the program folder with replacement)

Thelatest version of one of the best in their field of landscape designsoftware packages. From design to maintenance, landscaping and creationof artificial landscapes, beautiful gardens and flower beds! This kitwill allow you to visualize and create your own landshtaf dreams,helping to sustain and maintain your garden for years to come.

LandDesignerv 3D
Withthe help of Land Designer 3D you can do landscaping projects and viewthem in three-dimensional mode, the choice of more than 6,500 flowers,trees, shrubs, outdoor sites and so on.

Photo Garner Designer (designer of the garden):
Import a photo of your house and design your landscape around him.
3D Deck
3-Dbuilder of homes and gardens. From a set of ready-made objects you cangenerate a small Christmas tree. A library of ready objects includevarious options for home and garden furniture, as well as trees, shrubs,flowers, stones and other accessories. Among the countless objects of3D Deck can be found even cats, dogs and human figures. It is possibleto consider the scene from all sides, or even cause the camera to flyaround the garden generated.

Ortho Problem Solver
ProgramOrtho Problem Solver, includes a database with a description of 700trouble that can happen with the flora, ranging from indoor plants toplum trees will help to determine what torments your plants, and offerhelpful suggestions as to cure them.

Garden Planner
Programplanning for the schematic of the garden, through which you can quicklyand easily create a plan of your site and place it on trees, shrubs,flowers, etc.
Garden Encyclopedia (Encyclopedia of Garden):
Themost comprehensive tool available references and handbooks of gardening,with full descriptions of over 3,000 plants, pictures and educationalvideos.
Program has an intuitive interface.

The archive images of the three CDs ISO format
The first disc contains the program LandDesigner and AT & T WordNet Serwise (reference)
In the second PhotoGarden Designer, 3D Deck, Ortho Problem Solver, Garden Planner
In the third Garden Encyclopedia.
Theprogram requires the presence of disks in dskovode, so it is moreconvenient to mount images on virtual drives using programs like Alcohol120.

Set as follows:
Turning off the Internet.
Runthe file Autorun on all questions are answered Yes and click Next,install the program may take a little time, patiently waiting for thenext window appears, until Finish.
Continue the installation from the menu, click install, and continue the installation procedure.
Upon completion of the installation on the menu in front of the program will display RUN.
Uponcompletion of installation of all programs go to startmenu-programs-sierra and take out the needed shortcuts to the desktop.

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