Schrodinger Suite 2011 Update 1 (x86/ENG)

SchrA?dinger Suite 2011 Update 1 (x86/ENG) | 2.01 GB

SchrA?dingerprovides a complete suite of software that addresses the challenges inpharmaceutical research. For structure-based drug design, Prime is anaccurate protein structure prediction package; Glide performs accurate,rapid ligand-receptor docking; Liaison predicts binding affinity; andQSite can be used to study reaction mechanisms within a protein activesite. SchrA?dinger also provides Phase for ligand-based pharmacophoremodeling, and QikProp for ADME properties prediction of drug candidates.In addition, LigPrep is a rapid 2D to 3D conversion program that canprepare ligand libraries for further computational analyses. And mostrecently, SchrA?dinger introduced CombiGlide for focused library design,and Epik for accurate enumeration of ligand protonation states inbiological conditions.

Furthermore, SchrA?dinger offers productsthat take advantage of the latest technological advances incomputational chemistry. Jaguar, the high-performance ab initio quantummechanics application, and MacroModel, the most trusted name inmolecular modeling, have been widely applied to address the full rangeof chemical research from materials to life sciences. Strike is achemically aware statistical package for examining structure-propertyrelationships.

Maestro is the graphical user interface for all ofSchrA?dingers computational programs and provides a powerful,fully-integrated molecular visualization and analysis environment.

Anumber of important enhancements and bug fixes as well as an excitingnew feature in Phase (Field-Based QSAR) are now available in the Update 1Release to SchrA?dinger Suite 2011.



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