Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.2 DVD for x86,x64

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.2 DVD for x86,x64 | 3.34 GB

Red Hat subscriptions provide continuous access to Red Hat software -- all supported versions, including security updates, bug fixes and feature enhancements. Each innovative release is tested and certified by Red Hat and its partners to ensure application stability throughout the life cycle. With a rich ecosystem of customers, community and partners, there is always something new and innovative about Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
On December 6th 2011, a little over the one-year anniversary of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 availability, Red Hat released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2. With every minor release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 consolidates all patches, enhancements and security updates from the previous Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 release, May 2011. As always, Red Hat maintains certified application compatibility through strong support and testing of all Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases through our Software and Hardware Partners.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 delivers significant improvements in resource management and high availability, new features aimed at storage and file system performance, identity management functionality, and technology integration with VMware and Microsoft environments. The key benefits for organizations deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 are greater efficiency realized through resource management and performance optimization, along with enhanced business agility through additional security enhancements and more flexibility for virtualized and clustered environments.


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