Avid Media Composer 5.5.3 | 2.09 Gb

Avid Media Composer - the preferred choice for top-level professionals involved in the production of film and video, and for independent producers, and for the new post-production. A great tool for creative work: support for tapeless production, work with any format, multikamerny HD editing and much more.

Great combination with the freedom to choose different options for systems of Avid Media Composer, which is best suited to the different projects: from an autonomous system with the software without additional hardware support to a complete hardware-software Avid Media Composer / Avid Digirtal Nonlinear Accelerator (Avid DNA) .

Software Avid Media Composer does not depend on additional external hardware is designed for film and video editing. Media Composer is used to create the majority of films, television shows and commercials in modern film and video industry.

Among the new features:
codec support QuickTime, including Apple ProRes and H.264
Support RED R3D format without transcoding
Digitizing RGB 4-4-4 (via Dual Link SDI on NitrisDX) and subsequent assembly of this format
Support for Matrox MXO2 Mini for monitoring
Work with stereo sound on the timeline as a single master clip
Support for RTAS audio plug-ins
Further improvement of the interface
Support for XDCAM proxy

Intuitive, integrated into the Media Composer media management. Effective tools for pruning. One-step color correction. Image stabilization. Working with an alpha channel in real time. Processing 16-bit AVX effects. No other application does not have the feature set and such functionality offered by the Media Composer.
- Installation of different formats on one timeline
The combination at one time-line HD, SD, DV, film images and permits, as well as Avid AVR and Meridien JFIF without rendering, transcoding, or re-digitizing. Editing DVCPRO HD and HDV without rendering. Multicam editing in real-time HD, SD and DV video. Support 24p. Ability to capture 24p from IEEE-1394. Avid Media Composer is compatible with the environment and Avid Unity Avid Interplay.
- Support for Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2
Save your time! Now, Avid Media Composer, you can be assembled material from Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2 without predzahvata. Support for Sony XDCAM includes installation of a low-res copies, DV and IMX in high definition.
- Coding in the Avid DNxHD
If you're working with HD, then you need the industry's first codec HD - Avid DNxHD, which allows you to save the original HD picture quality one to one with bandwidth comparable to the SD. The new format Avid DNxHD delivers incredible quality of high resolution and save as much disk space, providing the opportunity to work with the project in HD between several workstations. The flow rate of 145 Mbps (with 8-bit video at 4:2:2) and 220 Mbps (with 10-bit video at 4:2:2) at a resolution of 720p and 1080p / i.
- 10-bit color correction in real time
Avid Media Composer has an effective color correction tools, technology-based Avid Symphony. One click of the mouse you can analyze the colors and color correction of the entire sequence.
- Image stabilization by features SteadyGlide
Now you can automatically stabilize the footage, which, for whatever reasons, such as camera shake, become unfit for use in the project. As a result, you greatly save your cost and time to work.
With FluidFilm you can create slow motion effects and "fit-to-fill" (stretch to the desired length) of any video using patented pixel morphing. Speed ??control and regulation is carried out using key frames are set on the curve. You can also make your 30i footage footage 24p form with function FluidFilm.
- Record 4 channel audio through a microphone
4 channel audio recording straight to the timeline, without spending time at capture and mounting material. During the dialogue or narration, you can record on a time line of several voices, which will greatly reduce the time to voice acting.
- View the video in full screen mode with DVI output
Now you can output SD and HD material in full screen mode on the LCD monitor, using a standard DVI connector.
- Professional tools for working with film
Each system features built-in Media Composer Avid Film Composer metadata management. The seizure of material from 24p to 25p in real time, as well as automatic synchronization of video and audio sources. Also, when working with film there are additional metadata such as: Timecode, KeyKode, DPX, VXF and UNC.
- Superior media management
Quick and easy ordering, counting and localization of media sources. Move and rename clips without losing links, as all events are automatically updated. Intuitive, customizable media management features are built into the mounting medium and Avid are designed to work with cumbersome and complex projects.

Key features of the software Avid Media Composer
Ability to mount and work with the effects of 10-bit SD and HD video
Universal library of codecs for simultaneous operation with DV, IMX, SD and HD material on a timeline.
Support work with DVCPRO HD and DVCPRO 50 without any additional conversion (capture / output over IEEE 1394)
Support for HDV without rendering
Up to 11 streams of uncompressed SD video (more streams possible at lower resolution)
Ability to work with the digital negative (DI) in the off-line mode
Support for AVX 2
Mode switch quality to ensure maximum productivity
Optimization for multi-station

Installation options
Work with videos that have a different resolution, at one time-line
Multicam editing in real time (9 sources SD, 3 sources HD)
The SteadyGlide, providing the Motion Tracking (tracking of the movement) and Stabilization (Image Stabilization)
Compatible with ABVB AVRs and Meridien JFIF
Consolidation and transcoding media in different resolutions
24 video and audio tracks (unlimited video layers via the number of opportunities to work with several sequences)
24 track MetaSync
Tool Kit Film Composer
Application of uncompressed effects regardless of the resolution of the video
The effect of "audio dissolve" in real time
Supports 4:3 and 16:9
Breakdown of DV material into scenes
Working with long sequences of GOP
Support the capture of 24P in 24, 25 or 30 staff draft
PAL 24P and 25P
The Video Archive
Can be installed during the seizure (you must have Avid Unity MediaManager)
23.976, 24, and film montage with the possibility of converting a sequence of 24 to 23.976
The ability to capture 24P according to IEEE-1394 for projects 24fps

Digital Video Effects and Compositing
10-bit effects and filters Boris Continuum Complete
Customizable 3D effects in real time: Warp, Picture-in-Picture, Corner Pinning, Shapes, Video Titles
And in real time: Dissolves, Superimposition, Resize, Flips, Flops, Wipes, Conceals, Squeezes, Masks, and Picture-in-Picture
Support for Panasonic Varicam off-speed
Moving Mattes in real time
Hromakey lyumakey and real-time
Keying in the alpha channel in real time
Compositing unlimited number of layers
Custom effects including changes in speed, FluidMotion
The effect FluidFilm to add 50i and 60i footage type footage
Support for plug AVX 1.5 & AVX 2.0, including real-time plug-party
ExpertRender to render effects
Opportunities for Paint, AniMatte, Scratch Removal for frame processing
Pan & Zoom creates video from still images in high resolution
Deep Defocus, blur, mosaic
Tools to change the aspect ratio
High-quality keyers SpectraMatte with the possibility of SpectraGraph

10-bit color correction
Color Tools professional level in real time
One Step AutoCorrect
Patented feature for easy setup NaturalMatch match the color tones
Color effects in real time, customized with the help of key personnel
Trehmonitornye windows for color correction
Display and ChromaCurve ChromaGraph
Displaying the Waveform and Vectorscope

Integrated tools for creating titles and graphics
Uncompressed graphics and titles in real time
2D and 3D titration, including Marquee
Drum and crawls
Preservation of heading styles that you create

Maximum comfort and compatibility
Support for Avid Studio Toolkit (Avid FX, Avid DVD, and Avid 3D)
Supports the entire line of Avid Unity, including the working environment are compatible with Avid Unity MediaManager and Avid Unity TransferManager
Can be installed during the seizure mediamateriala
Full compatibility bins, sequences, gluing, tracks, audio settings, effects, and Avid media systems with Avid Xpress, Media Composer, Film Composer and Symphony
Compatibility with Avid DS Nitris systems with AFE
Support for Sony XDCAM, including copies of MPEG IMX and low resolution
Support for Panasonic P2
Import / export of AAF
Work with MXF or OMF
Encoding HD and SD video in Windows Media
Output time code LTC
Supports layers of Photoshop and After Effects
24-bit audio file compatible with Digidesign Pro Tools systems
Remote playback and capture

Project management and metadata
Multi-level search functions, and filtering and sorting
Viewing Modes: Frame, script and text
Ability to change the file's metadata directly into the bin
Unlimited number of bins
The consolidation of media
The hierarchy of folders (folders in folders) within Project Window
Individual settings for User, Project and Site
Lock the media of possible changes
Support for Avid Unity MediaManager for advanced searches, as well as local and remote management of metadata

Encoding for Web + Interactive Delivery
Encoding WMV HD and Windows Media 9, H.264 MPEG4, MPEG 1 & 2, QuickTime, Flash, and RealMedia
WMV HD for the content in HD for further writing on DVD-ROM
Export Windows Media (ASF), QuickTime 7.0 and MPEG-2
QuickTime Reference Movie output
Sonic DVDit
Sorenson Squeeze
SmartSound SonicFire Pro
Boris Continuum Complete
Noise Industries Factory Tools

Avid Media Composer - The world's most powerful film and video editing software. If you're a creative editor, you want an editing tool that not only makes storytelling simple, but helps you track your project, organize your media, and pull you through the trouble spots. That's why so many professionals trust their best ideas to Avid Media Composer. Unsurpassed creative tools, rock-solid media management, and the highest quality effects and output make Media Composer the most powerful editing solution available.

Accelerate Your Video Editing. Edit projects faster and in ways you never thought possible. Media Composer 5.5 is now more open and interactive than ever, so you can work with practically any media format and expand your capabilities with options from Avid and third-party manufacturers. Media Composer goes where other video editing systems leave off. Edit the way you want in real time using full-featured, ACE-certified editorial and creative tools. Experience the fastest file-based workflows on Earth. Collaborate easily with video and audio editors. Get dependable, industry-proven media management. Save time and money with unique workflows and options. And more!

Media Composer 5.5 highlights
- Capture, monitor, and output with AJA Io Express
- Edit HDCAM SR Lite footage natively
- Accelerate AVC-Intra workflows with Nitris DX AVC-Intra
- Speed ??up editing and mixing with the Artist Series
- Find the right clips fast with PhraseFind
- Directly tweak transitions with the Smart Tool
- Gain better search capabilities
- Capture and monitor audio using Pro Tools hardware
- Work with audio more easily and creatively
- Fuel your creativity with the Production Suite

System Requirements (Windows):
- Computer: Avid-qualified Windows-based computer or laptop
- OS: Windows 7 Pro (64-bit), XP Pro SP2/SP3 (32-bit), Vista Business SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit), Vista Ultimate SP2 (64-bit)
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz processor or faster
- Memory: 2 GB of RAM (4 GB of RAM recommended; Windows Vista requires 4 GB of RAM)
- Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX family (FX 560 or higher)
- Internal Hard Drive: Minimum 80 GB 7200 rpm hard disk

Name: Avid Media Composer
Version: 5.5.3
Year: 2011
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
Language: english
Medicine: Activation Pack by V.R Team
Size: 2.09 Gb