TeamCenter Visualisation v.

TeamCenter Visualisation v. (x86/x64) | 1.45 GB
At the heart of Teamcenter Visualization JT-are advanced technologies to achieve high-quality rendering and a realistic virtual prototypes, which can be used by enterprises for remote digital test their 3D-structure components, even if they are created in different speeds SAPR.Teamcenter decision-making process.

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Visualization of the life cycle of Teamcenter is widely used for the following purposes:
- Accelerating the change management processes by eliminating paper and manual processing stages, ambiguity inherent in 2D-drawings.
- Improving the efficiency of interaction in order to reduce time and costs, increase productivity and solve problems.
- The digital model (DMU) for accurate analysis of the spatial patterns of any size and CAD, which can detect errors early, eliminating the need for physical prototypes, and ultimately reduce the risks associated with shift work schedule and cost overrun.
- Opportunities imaging lifecycle Teamcenter allow the use of JT and 3D, used in all major industries.

System requirements:
Windows XP Pro SP2, Windows XP Pro 64-bit SP1, Windows Vista Ultimate, Business and Enterprise (32-bit and 64-bit) SP1.
To view the 3D models and 2D models, your system must have the processor power of 1 GHz or higher, 512 MB RAM, graphics card 128 MB VRAM, supporting the Z-buffer and OpenGL, and 1 GB of virtual memory.

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