Dilogy - Resident Evil : Outbreak

Dilogy - Resident Evil : Outbreak
Year: 2004 | PC | English | Developer: Capcom Production Studio | Publisher: Capcom | 9.69 GB
Genre: Survival Horror

Itwas an ordinary autumn evening. A few totally ordinary people relaxingat the bar and JD did not even know it will end ... Contingent choosethe most that on is different. Then you and the plumber and the policedetective with a questionable past and a bitchy journalist .... Each ofthese personality. So - so have a drink and if about their businessof our friends, if not the T-virus escaped to freedom. When literallyhollow casual visitor attacks on the waiter - our heroes understand -must molt ... And now you can slip away from them!

Especially forbestrepack.net submitted to your attention the slightly modified imageslitsushnyh discs exclusive to the PS2 and one of the best parts of theRE. Also attached to the images of disks configured emulator that allowsyou to play these masterpieces on your PC. Perfect emulation. For 5 +.

Relive the nightmare from the start!
Start your way to rescue the 1st day of the invasion of zombies!
Nostalgia for the past.
Visit familiar locations, walk around familiar places.
The atmosphere of a true Survival Horrora!
Try to survive in this hell, where is the best friend can become a zombie no time!
8 characters to choose from.
Each with their unique abilities and the impact on storyline script.
10 branched and stressful scenarios.

To start a game must:
1. Mount the disk image (if for some reason the drive is not detected automatically) via the menu cd dvd -> choose iso.
2.Adjust management for themselves. By default control is configured as acontroller for PS2, that is, If you have a joystick you can simply plugin and play. The analog sticks are mandatory!
going to change management: Setting -> joystick (pad) -> plug-in configuration
3. Run the game through: Start -> run cd dvd (fast)
The composition distribution
1. Modified by the author of the original disk images RE: OF # 1 and F # 2.
2. Soundtracks for the games.
3. Wallpapers for a slave. the table.
4. The official manual (Many thanks to comrade Time_Buster & alex !!!)

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