Sonus Paradisi The Grote of St Michaelskerk in Zwolle (1721) [Hauptwerk WAV]

Sonus Paradisi The Grote of St Michaelskerk in Zwolle 1721 [Hauptwerk WAV] | 3.19GB

On January 3, 1719, Arp Schnitger signed a contract to make an organ with 46 stops, consisting of Ober Manual 16 feet based, Unter Manual 8 feet based, Ruckpositiv 8 feet based and Pedal 16 feet based. The agreed price was 11.000 guilders, on the condition that the city of Zwolle would deliver the needed materials of stone, wood and iron.

The unused Catholic church in Zwolle was given to Arp Schnitger and his sons Frans Caspar Schnitger and Johann Georg Schnitger as a workshop for the construction. Because Arp Schnitger died in 1719, some months after the beginning of the construction, his sons completed the new organ in 1721. Up to his death, in 1729, Frans Caspar Schnitger took care for the maintenance of the instrument. Over the course of time the organ experienced numerous detrimental modifications. Especially notable are the extensive restoration and modifications, carried out in 1837 by Petrus van Oeckelen Groningen, including changing the organ to equal temperament. Later on modifications were carried out by J.C. Scheuer Zwolle in 1873, van Oeckelen in 1883 including the deplorable alteration of most mixture and some reed stops, J. Proper in 1910 and Van Dam in 1925.

In 1950, organ builder Dirk Andries Flentrop Zaandam, was charged to reconstruct the organ, which he carried out in the period 1953-1955. It appeared that the chaos of pipes over centuries, made by different organ builders, still contained sufficient original material to reconstruct the original Schnitgerian scales.
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