COMSOL Multiphysics v4.2a With Update 1

COMSOL Multiphysics v4.2a With Update 1
Work On: Windows/Mac OSX/Linux | 4.26GB

COMSOL has built a solid reputation of fast-paced innovation for multiphysics simulation and analysis. The new Version 4.2a adds to the long history of successful releases of the flagship COMSOL Multiphysics product suite.

By including features that reach new communities of engineers and scientists, COMSOL is creating a tightly-integrated platform for analysis whose breadth and depth is unmatched.

Major news in the Version 4.2a release:
- Particle Tracing Module Track particles with particle-field interactions for CFD, electromagnetics, acoustics and other applications.
- LiveLink for Creo Parametric Seamless bidirectional CAD integration with the latest design software from PTC™.
- Faster and more efficient parametric sweeps Take control over memory usage for large parametric sweep and quickly create response surface plots.
- Digital Elevation Map DEM import Import topographical surface data and combine with solids for any application such as fluid flow, structural, or electromagnetics.
- Image import Import 2D images for material table-lookup based on photographic or scanned data.
- Interactive slice and isosurface plots Quick interactive positioning of plot surfaces with slider control.

About COMSOL 4.2a Update 1
This update corrects several bugs and stability issues in COMSOL 4.2a

Improved display of numerical values.
Progress information is now displayed also when running Client-Server on Mac OS.
General stability improvements.

CAD Import Module
Several stability improvements.

CFD Module
Enhanced regularization of wall temperature equation when using wall functions in the Non-Isothermal Flow interface.

Chemical Reaction Engineering Module
Stability improvements.
The Nernst-Planck Equations interface has been corrected.
Corrected CHEMKIN® file import.

Heat Transfer Module
Stability improvements.
Inlet, Outlet, and Fan boundary conditions now work as expected also for the case when unit system is "None".
Corrected the interior wall boundary condition for turbulent flow.
Improved handling of radiation groups for double-sided radiation.

Microfluidics Module
Improved mass conservation for 3D molecular flow models with high curvature and high aspect ratio.

RF Module
Corrected Far-Field calculations.
Corrected a problem occurring in the Electromagnetic Waves interface when using the Perfect Magnetic Conductor feature together with the Scattered Field formulation or Mode Analysis.

Structural Mechanics Module
Corrected effective plastic strain computations.
Rotation and Stretch tensors are now available for all solid mechanics materials.
Mixed Formulation for 2D-axisymmetric models have been stabilized.

LiveLink™ for AutoCAD®
Improved stability for synchronizing geometries with many parts.

LiveLink™ for MATLAB®
Corrected the mphsave command.
Corrected handling of the outersolnum property.
Custom color tables can now be added in preference directory.

LiveLink™ for SolidWorks®
The One Window Interface now also supports SolidWorks® 2012.
Stability improvements.
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