Native Instruments Session Strings Pro KONTAKT

Native Instruments Session Strings Pro KONTAKT
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SESSIONSTRINGS PRO is the new gold standard for contemporary studio strings.Take control of an 11-piece ensemble, recorded with the utmost precisionin four different settings for maximum flexibility and realism. Withits immaculate, intimate quality, unique musical workflow and a vivid,modern edge, SESSION STRINGS PRO is the premium choice for pop, RnB andmore.

Taking the intuitive approach of SESSION STRINGS to newheights of quality and detail, SESSION STRINGS PRO is20 times biggerwith refined workflows, separate instrument groups, a choice ofinstrument placements, 29 articulations and precise control.
SESSIONSTRINGS PRO is far more than just a string library. Creating natural,expressive string tracks in the highest possible quality has never beenmore immediate, or more rewarding.

The sound of SESSION STRINGSPRO is close, detailed and intimate ? an essential alternative toorchestral strings. Meticulously sampled and designed to sit well in themix, each of the four ensembles consists of five ins- trument groups:full ensemble, four violins, three violas, two cellos and two basses.Play full ensembles, mapped across the keyboard, or individualinstrument groups.

Multiple velocity layers and29 articulationsprovide a wide expressive range. With smooth looping, beautifully fluidtransitions and up to four round robin samples per note, SESSION STRINGSPRO delivers a strikingly natural sound. Whats more, an additional setof presets provides the glamorous sound of vintage soul and disco.

Thedefining quality of this instrument is musical flow. Designed bymusicians for musicians, SESSION STRINGS PRO providestailored workflowsfor performance and production, supporting the creative process, ratherthan getting in the way.

You can play chords and monophonic linesat the same time, and all 29 articulations are available in a singleinterface. And for instant rhythm, the Animator transforms the chordsyou play into lively rhythmical phrases.

SESSION STRINGS PROprovides detailed control, right down to the amount of bow noise. Choosebetween classic or pop instrument placements. Experiment with close andwide microphone positions, or combine two ensembles for a full,widescreen sound. Find out more on theEnsemble Details page.

Allensembles are provided as two different preset types: Performance, forplaying with two hands on the keyboard, and Production, for assigningkey switches.Find out more...

The Animator in SESSION STRINGS PROis also completely customizable. Create your own patterns with a choiceof articulations, note lengths, and time signatures.Find out more...

Basedin Hamburg, Germany, e-instruments specialize in intensely detailedsampled instruments. Thomas Koritke and his team have succeeded incapturing the clarity, warmth, and character of these strings, using thevery best equipment for outstanding sound quality. Every note ixxxpertly played by virtuosos from Europes top orchestras, and theinstruments used were hand-picked Italian antiques, including anexquisite cello from 1685.