Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0 crack and update to version 2.232

Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0 crack and update to version 2.232 | 795 MB

Professional software for video capture, editing, menu creation and DVD burner. Supports 8 audio tracks and subtitles alone. The project is imported formats: AVI, MPEG-1 / 2, MOV, QT, WAV, MP3. Preview allows you to check all the menus and to make sure the assembly of a future DVD. The final stage is proposed: the creation of DVD-folder, ISO-CD image or recording project on optical disk. Video compression settings and the sound is not visible and hidden from the user. The program is a ready-made templates and the ability to manually specify the level of video compression.
Extras. Information : Russify after installing all the updates.

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