RTI Data Distribution Service Professional v4.5D-ZWTiSO | 2.90GB

RTI Data Distribution Service is the world's leading DDS messaging software. More than 300,000 copies are deployed in hundreds of mission-critical military, financial, industrial, medical, transportation and communication systems. RTI Data Distribution Service fundamentally improves the way you integrate and deploy distributed applications. It slashes costs across a system's lifecycle, including development, integration, testing, maintenance and upgrades.

Peer-to-peer messaging delivers ultra low latency, high throughput and non-stop availability – without message brokers, daemon processes or costly servers.
Powerful data-centric publish/subscribe interfaces provide loose coupling, eliminate complex point-to-point connectivity, and make large-scale systems much more robust.
DDS compliance enables both interoperability and portability, eradicating closed stovepipe systems and vendor lock-in.
Broad platform, transport and real-time Quality of Service (QoS) support provide seamless edge-to-enterprise connectivity with a single middleware technology – including mobile and embedded systems.

RTI Data Distribution Service provides a comprehensive integration platform. In addition to DDS, it includes JMS interfaces, adapters to other technologies, routing and transformation capabilities, and a comprehensive set of tools. Unlike a traditional Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), the run-time architecture of RTI Data Distribution Service is completely decentralized for high performance and scalability.

Its combination of high performance, open interfaces and rich integration capabilities make RTI Data Distribution Service the ideal foundation for an event-driven and real-time Service Oriented Architecture (RT-SOA).