Microsoft Windows Developer Preview x86-x64 en-RUS Full 3 in 1 DVD-9 | 5.62 GB

Windows Developer Preview x86-x64 en-US and Windows Developer Preview with developer x64 en-US.

Three full image Russified and combined on a DVD 9 GB to a glitch on the translation does not add more bugs from cutting. Separately three images take up 12 GB, 5.8 GB as well, and therefore decided to
combined. Who would want to single out one edition will make it easy to export GImageX - 1st - x86, 2nd - x64, third edition - x64 Plus. Developer Preview with developer x64 (x64-Plus) give because it employs 28 elements underground. Go to the previous translation added Russification Property system, browser and there is still something that small things such as screen resolution was 800 × 600 has 800x600. Nothing but pleasant. But there was one glitch, though translation check, correct, but your browser click soystvah not get to choose the home page, say, an empty form. Eliminated - in the line just typed in the address or about: blank. Another has not yet seen, and doing more translation than testing.

General information already written, but I repeat:
The system is fundamentally different from all previous Windows. When you install before going on the subway (the system is now coming not on the desktop and there is underground - a set of sketches, essentially a set of desktops for each task separately) is required to enter a real email address is registered to Live ID, if you are not registered you will be prompted to register with input password and obtain a certificate before May 2012 you will always log in to this email and password. If you want to include Framework 3.5 for the graphics card, then after the birds
in the Select components from the system will download the Update missing, if refuse to upgrade, then Framework 3.5 will not be included. In a system of subway windows are only basic - Desktop, Explorer, Control Panel, Command Prompt ... Overall impression is not bad, but not much more than usual and still suitable for aypeda or touch screens.

All original, except for the translated files (~ 170-x86 ~ 270-x64).

Installing from a CD, I tried to stick to the laptop to put 32-bit key is required, and quietly got up from the disk. On virtualke all without any problems. Most of the screenshots with 32-bit metro virtualke, chess still work, but on the laptop, VMWare does not pull, the weather is trying to boot, but the clouds do not appear, only to forecast in the sketch. Maybe the server is overloaded. In general, try and test, until the tie with the translation.

MD5: 906F9F5D39910C5FD486010D9C42264C
SHA-1: BB9927575072EC213C05EF17760B29F96CE53D95

System requirements:
CPU - 1,7 ggz
RAM - 1-2 gb
Video - 128 bit, DirectX 9.0, support for WDDM 1.0
HDD - 16-20 gb
DVD - 8.5 GB dual-layer disc.