Cinesamples - Drums of War Vol 1 + Vol 2 | 8GB

Drums of War (1) captures the magnitude and essence of a forgotten battle fought in a forgotten place. The trepidation that proceeds battle can be found in the depth of “Hell’s Deep.” “ Sub Boomz” echo the warmth of a call that inspired the timid long ago. “Ancient Torture Drum” brings to mind long-extinct trees and the skins of beasts that haven’t been seen on the earth in millennia. “War Ensemble” is reminiscent of grand, prehistoric armies that stormed across a rugged landscape, terrorizing all in their wake. “Titan Ensemble” can help to evoke the courage of battle-weary soldiers or the fear of the death knell’s call.
* Pristine 24/48k Recordings at the legendary Manhattan Center Studios
* Unprocessed natural cinematic sonic quality
* 100% Natural Reverberation
* Live Ensemble Playing**
* Extensive 5 Dynamic Layer Patches each using Level based Round Robin programming
* Truly Random Round Robin Scripting*
* Quick EQ GUI using pre-selected frequencies for quick and accurate equalization*
* Alternate Takes Included (Up to RR X13)

Drums of War (2) is the newest member to the cinesamples percussion family, and its parents are beaming. Following in the scope of the original Drums of War this new volume takes a different approach to achieving massive-percussive impact. Whereas the paramount concept of DOW 1 was recording huge orchestral drums in a huge space this time we used specific instrumentation/production techniques to achieve our result. DOW 2 contains entirely new sample content and entirely new instruments - those which we have never sampled before. The foundation of this library being the mighty taikos.
DOW 2 (8 GB) requires the full version of Kontakt 3.5 or 4+ and comes with the following patches.
* Chang Chang
* Djun Djuns*
* Doumbek
* Frame Drums*
* Gong
* Hang Drum
* Kissing Fish Shaker
* Metals
* Mixing Bells
* Mondo Toms*
* One Shot Shaker
* Shime Daikos*
* Sub Boom
* Tabla
* Taikos*
* ensemble patches containing 2-4 sub patches + ensemble patches