Doctor Who: The Adventure Games 2010 (PC/ENG/Lossless Repack from Edison007)

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games 2010 (PC/ENG/Lossless Repack from Edison007)
Year: 2010 | PC | English | Developer: Sumo Digital | Publisher: BBC Wales Interactive | 826.89 MB
Genre: Adventure / 3D

How about a stroll on the TARDIS - the car moving in time and space, the outside looks like a telephone booth? In a new episode of «Doctor Who: The Adventure Games» this dream becomes a reality. You will have the opportunity to wander through the booth-ship, explore trophies and artifacts collected Dokotorom in previous adventures, to understand that because of what appeared to malfunction TARDIS, and even steer it.

City of the Daleks:
Dr. Amy and land on Trafalgar Square in London in 1963. Ruined city controlled far, but still hiding under the ground the last person - Sylvia. From her doctor learns that the monsters have penetrated into the world through a huge "split" in the sky. Are far kill Sylvia, and Dr. Amy flee to the TARDIS and sent to Skaro - Dalek homeworld, previously destroyed.

Blood of the Cybermen:
One of the workers who dug the arctic cave, Chisholm, coming from a database on a snowmobile to a place where he found a hand kibercheloveka. Chisholm accidentally breaks off a cliff, the Doctor gets an SOS and lands to the crash site. Dr. Amy and save Chisholm, with his TARDIS return to base.

Doctor in the TARDIS and Amy discuss where to go at this time. Suddenly, the TARDIS enters the space within, and the Doctor hangs out on her a short distance from the door, held by young space creatures, known as hronomity. Marks says he, Amy, that she can save him, driving the TARDIS. Amy examines the TARDIS, trying to find a way to bring him back. Finally she did it, but she accidentally breaks the jar, releasing a creature tomivshiesya in prison for a long time. Re-enters the TARDIS during, and Amy disappears. She transferred to future doctors. Dr. Amy returns to the present and to cope with being called Entity. Next, Amy first examines leverage the TARDIS, and then she winds her. The doctor plans to take Amy in 23 century in London after the Great Flood, but there they saw a huge shark, which has pursued them.

Shadows of the Vashta Nerada:
The Doctor and Amy Pond come to London after the great flood, in an underwater colony of Poseidon. In the ocean around the colony swims a huge shark, which destroys the tunnel leading to the TARDIS. The Doctor and Amy are forced to seek another course. Reaching the Poseidon 8, they meet a young man Martin, who tells them about the disease that swept almost all the base. PC Doctor Jones admits, Amy Martin and inside, in spite of the quarantine.

Features repack:

* It is based on British license.
* Nothing is converted / not cut.
* Optional installation of DirectX.
* Installation time ~ 8 minutes .
* Repacked by Edison007 .

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