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Many companies use advanced finite element analysis to calculate design stresses, but the fatigue analysis is often still done by manually picking stress points for spread-sheet analysis. This is time consuming and unreliable because it's easy to miss failure locations. Component validation by fatigue testing a prototype design in the test lab is time-consuming. If the prototype fails prematurely, a costly, open-ended cycle of design-test-redesign is required. Project time-scales slip and delivery is late.

In the automotive industry some 40% of the total development cost is spent making prototype parts. In the medical industry an unexpected failure can mean the loss of several months lead-time over competitors.

fe-safeT is a highly effective tool for fatigue analysis of Finite Element models.

With fe-safeT as an integrated part of your design process, you have the ability to optimise designs and test programs, reduce prototype test times product recalls and warranty costs - all with increased confidence that your product designs pass their test schedules as "right first time".


calculates fatigue lives at every point on a model, producing contour plots to reveal fatigue lives and crack sites. Critical points need not be missed.
determines how much the stresses must be changed in order to achieve a target design life showing clearly where the component is under strength, or where material and weight can be saved
estimates warranty claim curves based on probabilities of failure
calculates which parts of the service duty are most damaging and which could be omitted from a fatigue test
identifies non-critical loads at significant points on a model. In prototype testing this could mean tests using fewer loads and therefore fewer actuators


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