ChemBioOffice Ultra 2010 Suite 12.0 | 780.49 MB

ChemBioOffice 2010 - A single set of integrated chemical-biological intstrumentov, allowing chemists to meet the requirements as well as biologists.

ChemBioOffice 2010 includes ChemBioDraw Ultra 12.0, MestReC Std, ChemScript Pro 12.0, ChemBio3D Ultra 12.0, Chem3D interfaces to Schrödinger's Jaguar and Gaussian, GAMESS Pro 12.0, ChemFinder Ultra 12.0, with support for Oracle, ChemBioViz Ultra 12.0, BioAssay Ultra 12.0, Inventory Ultra 12.0, E-Notebook Ultra 12.0, ChemDraw / Excel, and CombiChem / Excel, ChemDraw and Chem3D ActiveX Pro Plugins & Controls. Building models of molecules are easily transferred between applications package, and can also be exported to image files. Created 3D-models and diagrams can be directly inserted into text documents.

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