Vir2 Instruments Fractured Prepared Acoustic Guitars KONTAKT DVDR Merry Xmas

Vir2 Instruments Fractured Prepared Acoustic Guitars KONTAKT DVDR Merry Xmas | 2.15 Gb

Createdfor both musical use and sound design, Fractured: Prepared AcousticGuitar is an innovative new collection of instruments featuring creativeand esoteric samples and manipulations of various acoustic guitars.Following the tradition begun by Violence, Vir2s virtual dismemberingof a solo violin, Fractured features 2.3GB of compressed samples andmore than one hundred new instruments with numerous variations andeffects built into each.
Each patch features the organic goodness ofthe acoustic guitar, but stretches its timbre in new directions tocreate previously unheard musical effects. Drum kits were made withmallets, fingernail scrapes, metal scrapes, cardboard scrapes andpouring rice over the guitar. Long evolving pads were built fromacoustic guitar samples that blur the line between electronic andacoustic. Fractured also features playable and dynamic rhythmic loopsand patterns, multitimbral arpeggiated creations, huge cinematicimpacts, gritty electronic drums, gnarly and etherial melodicinstruments, and more innovative sonic goodness.
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Fractured ispowered by the industry-leading Kontakt engine. It is compatible withVST, AudioUnit, and RTAS (Pro Tools 8 and higher) plug-in formatsallowing it to work seamlessly within any major sequencer, in additionto standalone use.

Fractured features a variety of controls which are custom-designed for each of its 104 instruments.

The instruments are subdivided into five major category folders:

Chromatic Kits
Drum Kits
Pads & SFX
Tempo Synced

Depending on the instrument loaded, appropriate knobs for tweaking the instrument appear in the interface, such as:

Envelope controls (attack and release)
Stereo spread
Lopass and hipass filters
Layer blend controls
Effects (reverb, delay, drive, flanger, vibrato, rotator, wobble, and others)
Autopan control

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