3D Total Textures Vol.14 R2 - Fantasy | 900 MB
Total Textures V14:R2 - "Fantasy" is a collection of fantasy textures that have been researched and painted by three in-house artists and six professional freelance artists. The textures include custom bumps and many specular and alpha maps all of which are 100% seamless.
As well as their obvious uses in fantasy scenes many of these textures will lend themselves well to historical projects and certain architectural projects. The textures include armour architecture clothing ground motifs scripts hand painted fantasy skies hand-painted trees leaves and barks and weapons.
This DVD contains 237 individual materials comprising of over 850 individual hand-crafted texture maps. Every texture has its own unique colour map bump map specular and in some cases alpha maps.

Product details
Texture format: jpeg tiff
Average texture resolution: 2048 x 1024
Interface: HTML interface providing easy browsing and map selection
Software: Compatible with all 3D software packages
Browser: Compatible with all browsers
Computer: PC and Mac compatible
Format: Texture DVD
The DVD contains the following:
. 850 individual texture maps
. 237 colour texture maps
. 237 matching bump maps
. 9 armour
. 12 armour decorations
. 10 banners
. 13 clothing
. 11 doors
. 4 gates
. 16 ground
. 24 motifs
. 22 scripts
. 14 skies
. 20 vegetation
. 14 walls
. 22 weapons
. 8 windows