Maxon Cinema 4D R13
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CINEMA 4D R13 - the next generation of leading the industry in 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting and rendering.

With the new character animation, integrated stereographic properties, the possibility of an interaction of several artists designers and the physical rendering, CINEMA 4D R13, based on 25 years of the company, allows 3D-artists designers around the world quickly and simply create the most attractive content for any of the branches.
In addition to the basic program, which includes a standard set of tools for modeling, texturing, rendering and animation, available components, including additional tools and features:
? Advanced Render. Enhanced visualization of scenes, the creation of volumetric objects clouds, smoke, fog;
? BodyPaint 3D. Tools for creating UV unwrapping and texture maps. With R10 is included in the basic module;
? Dynamics. Module to simulate the dynamics of hard and soft bodies;
? HAIR. Module for creating hair;
? MOCCA. The module is designed to work on character animation. Includes a simulation system tissues, morph, various deformer tools to build a barn, and much more;
? MoGraph. The module is designed to generate and animate objects. Imprisoned for creating motion graphics;
? NETRender. The module allows you to calculate the animation network of computers;
? PyroCluster. Tools for creating volumetric effects. Smoke, dust, etc. with the R10 is included in the module Advanced Render;
? Sketch and Toon. The module allows you to create nefotorealisticheskuyu render the scene;
? Thinking Particles. The module includes a control system nodes particles.

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