UNI-Flash & Live CD STEA Edition v 01.2012

UNI-Flash & Live CD STEA Edition v 01.2012 | 3.9GB

Original emergency resuscitation build WinPE based on winbuilder Nikzzzz, can load and run on a PC, having a RAM of 128 Mb.

Key features in comparison with similar products:

- The ability to setup, from the wim-file load and run on a PC, which has 128 MB of RAM from
- Availability of a simple scheme user customization, which allows to install and secure! system parameters SteaPE and some basic configuration interface
- Availability of the automatic adaptation of the operating system settings to a different amount of RAM PC
- Placement of all major components of Live CD (except for startup files) in the same directory that greatly simplifies the use of an assembly composed of a multi-system or as an emergency resuscitation system on PC hard disk in addition to the core OS.
- Full-featured support for 3G modems HUAWEI all major GSM operators in Russia.

Interface and standard WinPE shell without reducing resolutions and graphics settings.

- CD Content -

- WinPE STEA Edition
Multimedia Live WIM-assembly based on Windows XP.
Quick download and use.
There is support for basic network interfaces, including Wi-Fi,
Internet and multimedia.
Includes support for SATA / SCSI / RAID.

- Acronis Backup & Recovery Workstation v.10.0.11639 (rus)
Program for backup and recovery workers
and notebooks running Windows.

- Acronis B & RW v.10.0.11639 (rus) NoAcpi NoApic NoFw Mode
Download Acronis Backup & Recovery Workstation v.10.0.11639 in a special mode:
--- Acpi = off - disable ACPI power management subsystem
--- Noapic - disable APIC (Programmable Interrupt Controller)
--- Nofw - does not support an interface FireWire (IEEE1394)

- Acronis True Image ES 9.7 (8398) rus
True Image backup solves the problem of information - both individual
files and folders and entire drives or partitions.

- Acronis Disk Director Server v.10 (2169) rus
ADDS - simple and easy to use program for managing partitions and
Service drives. Incorporates all the most popular features
Disk Management, partition recovery tools, and management utility
bootable partitions.

- Hiren's BootCD 10.6 / cupping /

- PLOP Boot Manager
PLOP - manager to quickly select the boot device.
In addition, it speeds up the USB-boot the PC, do not have USB 2.0 mode at startup.
PLOP can help in initiating the USB-boot to BIOS, no USB-boot.
On some versions of BIOS USB-boot mode may not work correctly.
The correct version - is the inclusion of USB 2.0 mode and return to the boot menu.

- Memtest 4.20
--- BIOS Uniflash
--- Victoria 3.52 DOS
--- PE Program
--- Portable Program

- HELP - / Setting build on Flash drive /

Installing a Flash includes three stages:
1. Bringing Flash to the format of the disk "bootable HDD".
2. Moving to Flash files in the assembly
3. "Binding" boot to the start assembly file \ STEA \ GRLDR (or \ STEA \ STEA.LST)

If you have a bootable Flash drive, skip the next three paragraphs ...

Before you begin to format Flash, I recommend to try to install, relatively speaking, a "one click".
For the considerable number of "running" and "youngish" Flash, with the FAT file system or FAT32 the whole setup can be realized by a script SETUP_TO_FLASH, available as part of the assembly itself. Moreover, Flash disk when it is not necessary to be empty - only need to have sufficient free space, and existing files and directories in the installation process STEA Live can not be affected. You can run the script and from assembling (there is a shortcut on the desktop), and just to drive right out of the Widows or even from an ISO image that is connected via a virtual drive - the script file \ STEA \ TOOL'S \ SETUP_TO_FLASH.BAT
The sequence of actions:
Connect Flash to USB> Flash to create the root of an empty directory \ SetupSTEA> run
the script.

If the script is not received SETUP_TO_FLASH boot disk or Flash drive is the source file system NTFS, you must first prepare a Flash and make a "bootable HDD". Perform the necessary operations can be utility BootICE,
available in the assembly \ STEA \ PROGRAMS \ HDD-Utilites \ BootICE. You can do everything from Live, and of the standard WINDOWS \ STEA \ PROGRAMS \ HDD Utilites \ BootICE
\ BootICE.exe
The sequence of actions:
1.Formatiruem Flash
PartsManage> Reformat> USB-HDD> 63> FAT32> OK
2. Prescribes the boot sector in the MBR
Process MBR> UltraISO USB-HDD > Install

After that I recommend to try again to install from a script SETUP_TO_FLASH. If again unsuccessful, it is likely that your Flash drive controller requires more complex manipulation (using special tools) to align the format of "boot HDD".

If you have a bootable Flash drive, it "training" is not required and need only:
1. Move by simply copying a Flash disk directory \ STEA and root assembly files AUTORUN.INF and STEA_LIVE.CMD (files with an auxiliary function and their placement in the root of Flash drive is desirable but not mandatory. They just easier to start programming menu when using the disc of the standard Windows.)
2. Run "binding" in Flash available on the boot menu:

- Options for the boot loader GRUB:
title Live CD STEA Edition
configfile / STEA / STEA.LST

title Live CD STEA Edition
configfile / STEA / BOOT / STD.LST
- Option for the loader SYSLINUX:
LABEL grub

- Update 11 - / 27.12.2011 22.00 msk

1. Composition
The structure includes five files and one directory:
--- STEA_Live_12.01.iso - MD5 = 198FE91EFD659D9E3A678D4CB4E5278B
--- UNI-FLASH STEA Edition.exe - MD5 = 4E0D62B0B53924A13EA5A087D49540E8 - the image of the combined system for deployment on Flash media (desired size 3500 MB or more), includes CD-ROM version of the full-fledged Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 / USB-boot / and STEA_Live_12 .01. For both systems (UW7-STEA and STEA_LIVE) bind to a common software products.
--- STW7-RU Optim.exe - MD5 = 75439814F5B81905E50B658F6953AF40 - at the request of users an additional option, systems VHD, assembled on the basis of the distribution RU_Optim.
Composition changes and additions to the system RU Optim similar option available in the UNI-FLASH STEA Edition.exe.
Differences: - slightly smaller part of integrated drivers, the presence in the system package yaponskoko language, the lack of DVD-studio, a slightly larger size of the system file is in working condition - 2070 MB instead of 1920 MB in my version.
As part of the two systems are useful Win7 official update from MS on the date of 25.12.2011g.
About the changes and update themselves in Win7-VHD will write more a little further.
Bonus attachments:
--- W7PE.exe - MD5 = 95268196468FA706F3F07A2BD28D319F - Win 7 PE "Xemom1 & conty9" format VHD.
--- Catalog PMAGIC - LINUX Live Parted Magic v.2011.11.24 (Russian)
--- ESET_4.2.msi - MD5 = 82A315AD9CBCA346E936D6C7E05D79B8 - distribution version of antivirus ESET NOD32, which in the assembly of Live XP implements the ability to install and 100% of the full extent of its functions: protecting the file system in real time, access protection Internet, protection against spyware.

On the file:
Enabling | reg code: not required
Language: Russian, english
File format: rar
Platform: WinPE