Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary | 635 MB

TheCambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary is a great product for peoplewho are not native English speakers. This is the one of the fewdictionary software packages that allows you to record your ownpronunciation so you can practice saying words. College students wouldlove this software because of its simple interface and extensivedefinitions.
Feature Set:

The Cambridge AdvancedLearners Dictionary has an extensive feature set. Not only does thisprogram provide a dictionary and thesaurus with the usual information.But, you can also hear British and American pronunciations and recordyour own pronunciations of words.

The software provides studypages and exercises so you can improve your grammar, vocabulary or eventake a practice exam. This truly is a learning program.

Ease of Use:

Althoughthe Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary offers a few more featuresthan the average dictionary software, it isnt any harder to use. Atutorial will take you through the entire program.

Search Capabilities:

TheQUICKfind feature of this software allows you to hover over a word withyour mouse and it will pull up the definition of the word. Other waysto search words include entering the word into the searchbox and simplysearching the alphabetical list.


This dictionary has 270,000 entries. Youll also find some illustrations that go with some of these entries.

Ease of Installation:

We didnt have any problems while installing this program.

TheCambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary is an excellent program ifyoure trying to learn English or just want to improve your Englishskills. A little more content and better help and support would add toan already good program.